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Each entry consists of the title of the tune, followed by alternate titles (AKA = also known as...) and prompts (AKA and see...) referring the reader to information contained under other titles. Tunes with foreign titles are usually retained under those titles unless the tune has been disseminated under its English translation, in which case the English title is the one preferred. I have sought to include an English translation of a title, whether the title is known by its English title or not. For the most complete information on a tune and its variants all alternate titles may be referenced by the reader, as this will provide the scope of the tune family as well as more complete source and variant information. In general, I subscribe to the theory that the more alternate titles a tune possesses, then the older it is or the more popular it has been, or both.

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'A Bhean a Bh'aig an Tàillear Chaol +Lady Madelina Sinclair  +, Tailor's Wife (The)  +
'A' and 'E' Rag +Buck Fever  +
'A', 'E' and 'D' Quadrille +Blue Bird Quadrille part one  +
'Ar Éirinn Ni 'Neosfainn Ce Hi +For Ireland I’ll Not Tell Her Name  +, For Ireland I Won't Say Her Name (1)  +
'Bhliadhu' Ur +New Year (The)  +
'D' & 'A' Polka +Quadrille Polka (The)  +
'Hap An' Row the Feeties o't +Butter'd Pease  +, Stumpie  +, Stumpey  +,
'Lasses Cane +Liza Jane (3)  +
'Mhoidh +Moy Hall  +
'Nuair bhi's cach na'n cadal samhach +When the rest are sound asleep  +
'Null air na h' eileannan dh'America gun tein sinn +Over by the Islands to America we go  +
'S beag mo shunnd' ris a chadal +Small is My Inclination to Sleep  +
'S fheudar dhomh fhein a bhi falbh +'Tis time to go home  +, MacPherson's Lament  +
'S ole a chuir a mhire ruim +Love that has undone me (The)  +
'S toigh leam ghein an t-Siosalach +Chisholm (The)  +
'S truagh a righ! mo nighean donn +Alas O King! My Brown-Haired Maid  +
'S truagh gun d' thug thusa 's mise gaol +Alas that you and I have loved  +
'S tu mo iuaidh na faighinn thu +My favourite if I could get thee  +
'S' coma leam do bhean taighe +Mason's Apron  +, I Don't Like the Guidewife  +
'Scann agam tha 'bheanag is maisiche suil +Bonniest Wife this side of Lord Reay's Country (The)  +
'Se Niall a dhuisg mi +It's Neil that awoke Me  +
'Sé fáth mo bhuartha +‘Tis My Bitter Sorrow  +
'Sé gaol a' bhodaich Fionnlagh +Finlay is His Father's Darling  +
1/8th Fiddle (The) +One-Eighth Fiddle (The)  +
11th of October +Eleventh of October  +