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  • ...and thus not often heard on modern recordings. It may have migrated to Prince Edward Island through the 78 records. ...ife"). Perlman ('''The Fiddle Music of Prince Edward Island'''), 1996; p. 129. Roche ('''Collection of Traditional Irish Music, vol. 1'''), 1912; p. 42, No. 95. Tubridy ('''Irish Traditional Music''', vo ''Recorded sources'': <font color=teal>Bobby Casey - "Taking Flight." James Keane - "Roll Away the Reel World." </font> Jane Keefer's Folk Music Index []<br>
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  • ...rasting major triads, "a sly allusion to his father's style" (Collinson, 1966). The following story of Niel Gow's fiddle is told by William C. Honeyman in his book '''Strathspey Players Past and Present' ''Niel used a violin by Gasparo da Salo, of Brescia, which from its large tone was particularly'' ''A very musical Scottish lady, the wife of Colonel MacQuarrie, wished to give a party at her Edinburgh'' ''house in George Square, and at which only the greatest musicians in the land should assist. She accordingly'' ''wrote to the Duke [of Atholl] for leave of absence for the great fiddler. The request was at once granted, '' ...Niel and his brother arrived at Edinburgh in good time, but had some difficulty finding the house. The '' ''servant led them into the kitchen, and then told her mistress that a queer-looking pair of country men were '' ...king for her. While the girl was absent, Niel took down an old violin, hanging on the wall, touched the ''
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  • ...composed by Philadelphia fiddler Ed Reavy, mistakenly given in Flaherty's '''Trip to Sligo''' under the "Harvest" title. ...d sources'': <font color=teal>Green Linnet SIF 1126, "Déanta" (appears as first tune in "Flight of the Termites" set). </font>
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  • ...d that Cope was in fact not to blame for the defeat, and is undeserved of the scorn accorded him by the famous song. ...century these lyrics, based on the Scots words, were to be heard in American folk tradition sung to the tune: The Scots chorus goes:<br> ''O haste ye get up for the drums do beat,''<br> ''Of fye Cope rise in the morning.''</i> ...... (Robert Burns)<br> ...on is proving popular with younger Cape Breton fiddlers. MacDonald's setting is somewhat similar to the Scottish ten-part setting in Keith Norman MacDonald's '''Gesto Collection''' (1895). for the key change. "Johnny Cope" appears as part of the 4th change of Frank Roche's "[[Nights of Gladness (4)]]" quadrille. ...dcliffe, Lancashire, England [Plain Brown]; Dr. John Turner, director of the Jink and Diddle School of Scottish Fiddling, held yearly in Valle Crucis, North Carolina [Johnson/2003].
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  • ...rnographic book shops in Soho. "It was a terrible shock and such madness. We knocked great fun out of it," said Moloney (Glatt, p. 82). ...y music manuscript collection of County Cork cleric and uilleann piper [[biography:James Goodman]]. The reel is similar to, but probably not cognate with, "[[Paddy Kelly's Reel (3)]]." ...': Pete Sutherland with the Arm and Hammer String Band (northern Vermont) [Brody]; a 1961 recording of fiddler Seán Ryan and piper Peter Carberry [Miller & Perron]; New Jersey flute player Mike Rafferty ...& Perron ('''Irish Traditional Fiddle Music'''), 2nd Edition, 2006; p. 77. McNulty ('''Dance Music of Ireland'''), 1965; p. 8. ...Burke - "If the Cap Fits" (1978). Island ILPS 9379, Chieftains - "Chieftains 3." Kicking Mule 216, The Arm and Hammer String Band - "New England Contra Dance Music" (1978). Shanachie 79023, "Chieftains 3 []<br> Hear the Belhavel Trio playing the tune at Juneberry 78's [] (last tune in medley)<br> Hear recordings of "The Hunter's Purse" at the Comhaltas Archives []<br>
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  • ...Morrison [] (1891–1947), who recorded in the 1930's. ...[Whelan's Jig]]," which it resembles. See also "[[Morning Dew (1) (The)]]" for a related setting of the melody in reel time. The tune was picked up by 'revival' musicians in the 1979's, and in the Northern United States it has since been a popular vehicle for contra dances. ...lvihill]; New Jersey flute player Mike Rafferty, born in Ballinakill, Co. Galway, in 1926 [Harker]; The Long Island contra dance band Raw Bits via Mark Bautista (Portland, Oregon) [Songer]. Taylor ('''Through the Half-Door'''), 1992; No. 52, p. 37. Vallely ('''Learn to Play the Fiddle with Armagh Pipers Club'''), 197?; No. 37, p. 35. Avoca AV 121, P.J. Maloney – "Traditional Music of Ireland, vol. 1" (c. 1960). Green Linnet SIF 3005, The Bothy Band – "Old Hag You Have Killed Me" (1981. A reissue of the 1976 Mulligan LP).
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  • ...fiddlers were playing while the bride was dancing at the time of her rescue was dubbed “The Pinch of Snuff.” .... See also the related “[[Mil na Maidí]].” The tune printed by Mitchell is parts two and three of a three part version from piper Seamus Ennis. ..., 1995; No. 37, p. 17. Miller ('''Fiddler’s Throne'''), No. 230, p. 141. Mitchell ('''Dance Music of Wille Clancy'''), 1993; No. 122, p. 100. Sullivan ('''Session Tunes, vol. 2'''); No. 2, p. 2. ...(1991). Shanachie SH78041, Solas – “The Hour Before Dawn” (2000). Seamus Ennis – “Masters of Irish Music” (c. 1960’s). </font> ...Keefer’s Folk Music Index: An Index to Recorded Sources []<br>
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  • ...les sustained the national reputation afterwards under the name of the Irish Brigade in the wars on the Continent. ...speaking majority at the time referred to these men as "Wild Geese," for they flocked before taking flight. ''Source for notated version'': Bunting noted the tune from Patrick Quin, the harper, in 1803. Holden ('''Collection of Favorite Irish Airs, vol. 2'''), 1806; p. 26 (appears as "[[Gage Fane]]"). Mulholland ('''Ancient Irish Airs'''), 1810; p. 5 (appears under the erroneous title "The Wild Swan"). Ó Canainn ('''Traditional Slow Airs of Ireland'''), 1995; No. 51, pp. 46–47. O'Neill ('''Music of Ireland: 1850 Melodies'''), 1903; No. 170, p. 30. O'Sullivan/Bunting ('''Bunting's Ancient Music of Ireland'''), 1983; No. 113, pp. 162–164.
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  • ...ylark (Durham, NC). I concentrate my playing on the traditions of New England, Canada (Cape Breton, the Maritimes, Quebec and Acadia) and Ireland.
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