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  • ...The tune was popularized by Tommy and flute player Matt Molloy on their 1977 album "Molloy, Brady & Peoples." ''Source for notated version'': Tommy Peoples (Donegal/Dublin) [Breathnach]. Hear/see Molloy & Peoples play the tune on [] (2nd tune in medley)<br>
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  • ...the tune as "Matt Peoples" on their 1985 album "Molloy, Brady and Peoples." Matt Peoples was Tommy Peoples' uncle. ''Source for notated version'': Tommy Peoples (Donegal, Dublin) [Breathnach]. ...DMPCD 9401, Karen Tweed - "Drops of Springwater" (1994). Green Linnet SIF 3018, "Molloy, Brady, and Peoples" (1985). Green Linnet GLCD 1211, Kevin Crawford - "In Good Company" (2001).</font> See/hear Molloy & Peoples play the tune on [] (1st tune in set)<br>
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  • '''JAPANESE TOMMY'S REEL'''. American, Reel. A Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. The name of this minstrel perfor [[File:Japanesetommy.jpg|400px|thumb|right|Thomas Dilward, AKA Japanese Tommy]] ...e performed with a number of black minstrel troupes. They referred to Thomas Dilward as “Japanese Tommy” on stage to conceal his identity as an African American and to retain the large white audience ba ...excited and thrilled white audiences with song, dance, and violin.. Also known as the African Dwarf Tommy, he impersonated women on stage. While with Hague's Minstrels in 1870 he assumed the role of a prima ...Harrison Troupe; J. E. Johnson, bones; Billy West, tambo; Thomas D. Fenner, interlocutor; Japanese Tommy, Beaumont Read, and J. Carpenter. In December, C. B. Hicks took the bone end. Wilson, Wherry, G. Cam ...t a day off would die early. For the record, one of them, Thomas Dilward, a dwarf known as Japanese Tommy, turned up very much alive in Australia, where he worked both with the Hicks Company and with the wh ...ircus building Easter 1869 with Hutchinson and Tayleure's Great American Slave Troupe with Japanese Tommy, not Japanese at all, but a Black dwarf known as the Tom Thumb of Africa. The company contained 16 ' ...elling of 'hunky-dory': ''Hunkidori''. Superlatively good. Said to be a word introduced by Japanese Tommy and to be (or to be derived from) the name of a street, or bazaar, in Yeddo [a.k.a. Tokyo].
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  • east Donegal, outside the village of St. Johnston, and the next townland to Peoples' in Donega. Peoples remarks: "It is a beautifully hilly area where one can look across the river Foyle to counties Tyron ''Source for notated version'': fiddler Tommy Peoples (Donegal) [Breathnach, Bulmer & Sharpley]. ...III'''), 1985; No. 184, p. 83. Bulmer & Sharpley ('''Music from Ireland'''), 1976, vol. 4, No. 39. Peoples ('''Play Fifty Reels'''), 1986; 47. Vallely ('''Armagh Pipers Club Play 50 Reels'''), 1982; p. 22. ...(2001. Learned from County Donegal fiddler Brid Harper). Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Éireann CL13, "Tommy Peoples" (1976). Philo PHI 1152, "Sharon Shannon." Randy Miller - "The Lore of the Fingerboard" (1990).</fon
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  • ...the tune collected from the Doherty brothers as "Bean a' Tí ar Lár," possibly influenced by Tommy Peoples recording on his album "The High Road," where he follows "The Oak Tree" with "Bean a' Tí ar Lár." ''Sources for notated versions'': Boys of the Lough (Ireland/Shetland) [Brody]; fiddler Tommy Peoples, 1968 (Co. Donnegal and Dublin, Ireland) [Breathnach]; fiddlers Micky and John Doherty, 1966 (Strano ..., appears as "Old Simon's Hornpipe"). Philo 1026, Boys of the Lough- "Live." Shanachie 29003, Tommy Peoples and Paul Brady- "The High Part of the Road." Green Linnet SIF 3051, Frankie Gavin - "Frankie Goes to
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  • ...while McComiskey's second part includes elements of both the second and third parts played by Tommy Peoples. ...l. 1'''), 1974; No. 64. Flaherty ('''Trip to Sligo'''), 1990; pp. 48-49 (appears as "Redican's 1"). Peoples ('''Fifty Irish Fiddle Tunes'''), 1986; No. 9. ..."Carousel" (1984, as "Felix Kearney's"). Green Linnet, Deanta, "Ready for the Storm" (1994). Tommy Peoples, "The Quiet Glen" (self-released, 1998). Green Linnet Records, Joe Derrane, "Return to Inis Mor" (19
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  • be a modest man, and his composition apparently circulated independent of attribution or title. Peoples' claim actually surfaced with his 1998 recording "The Quiet Glen." "Jackson's" is perhaps a more pop ''Printed sources'': Breathnach ('''CRÉ II'''), 1976; No. 163 (appears as "Gan anim/Untitled"). Peoples ('''Fifty Irish Fiddle Tunes'''), 1986; 35. ...inn" (appears erroneously as "Jackson's"). CCE CL-13, Tommy Peoples - "Tommy Peoples" (1976). Tommy Peoples - "The Quiet Glen." </font>
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  • ...]''' (An Bhantiarna Gordon). AKA - "[[Lady Gordon]]." AKA and see "[[Matt Peoples' (2)]]," "[[Tommy Peoples' Reel (10)]]." Irish, Reel. D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AB. ''Source for notated version'': Brendan Mulvihill (Baltimore, MD) [Mulvihill]; Tommy Peoples (Donegal/Dublin) [Breathnach]. ''Recorded sources'': <font color=teal>GTD Heritage HCD 008, Tommy Peoples - "Tommy Peoples: Traditional Irish Music Played on the Fiddle" (last tune of "Seán Ó Duibhir" set). </font>
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  • .... It was recorded early in the 78 RPM era by pipers Michael Gallagher and Liam Walsh. Dublin Piper Tommy Reck recorded the tune as a pipe solo on his first commercial effort, for the Copley label, paired w ...Co. Galway, in 1926 [Harker]; piper Seamus Ennis, 1959 (Dublin, Ireland) [Breathnach vol. 2]; piper Tommy Reck/Tomas Riabhach (Dublin, Ireland) [Breathnach]. ..., 1903; No. 1348, p. 252. O'Neill ('''Dance Music of Ireland: 1001 Gems'''), 1907; No. 603, p. 110. Peoples ('''Fifty Irish Fiddle Tunes'''), 1986; 28. Phillips ('''Fiddlecase Tunebook'''), 1989; p. 42. Raven ...2812, Tommy Reck (originally recorded 1971). Comhaltas Ceoltoiri CL13, Tommy Peoples. Copley 9-191, Tommy Reck. Folktrax Records FTX 075, John Doherty - "The Star of Donegal" (1975. Originally recorded 1953
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  • ''Source for notated version'': Donegal fiddler Tommy Peoples [Bulmer & Sharpley]. ''Recorded sources'': <font color=teal>Comhaltas Ceoltoiri CL13, Tommy Peoples. Shanachie 34007, Tommy Peoples - "The High Part of the Road." </font>
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  • ...'' Irish, Jig. G Dorian. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABBCC. Composed by County Donegal fiddler Tommy Peoples. ''Recorded sources'': <font color=teal>Tommy Peoples TPCD 001, Tommy Peoples - "The Quiet Glen/An Gleann Ciúin" (1998).</font>
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  • ''Source for notated version'': fiddler Tommy Peoples (Donegal) [Breathnach]. ''Recorded sources'': <font color=teal>Comhaltas Ceoltoiri CL13, Tommy Peoples. Shanachie 29003, Tommy Peoples - "The High Part of the Road" (1976). </font>
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  • ...Reel. G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AA'BB'. The reel is associated with Donegal fiddler Tommy Peoples, who said he had the tune from one of his uncles. See also the similar "[[Two Forty]]" in Ryans/Cole ''Recorded sources'': <font color=teal>Shanachie 78052, Tommy Peoples - "Waiting for a Call" (2003).</font>
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  • ...TTIC, THE.''' Irish, Hornpipe. G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). Composed by Donegal fiddler Tommy Peoples. ''Recorded sources'': <font color=teal>Tommy Peoples TPCD 001, Tommy Peoples - "The Quiet Glen" (1998).</font>
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  • ...BB (Flaherty, Songer): AA’BB’ (Taylor/Tweed). The tune is associated with Donegal fiddler Tommy Peoples who recorded an influential version. However, the source for the tune is County Donegal fiddler John ''Source for notated version'': fiddler Tommy Peoples (Co. Donegal) who had it from John Doherty) [Bulmer & Sharpley].
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  • ...ny regarding them over the years, not unlike complaints about some other record companies. See also Peoples' "La Cosa Mulligan." ''Recorded sources'': <font color=teal>TPCD001, Tommy Peoples - "The Quiet Glen" (1998)</font>
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  • ...illoran and Paddy Sweeney in the 1930's and continuing today with versions by Sharon Shannon, Tommy Peoples, John and Phil Cunningham, Natalie MacMaster and the groups Wild Asparagus and La Bottine Souriante, ...'s, centered around fiddler John Kelly, originally from County Kerry. The Tara Ceili Band and Tommy Peoples/Matt Malloy/Paul Brady have recorded it under the "[[John Brennan's]]" title, to name a few. It is s ...." Front Hall FHR 020, Alistair Anderson - "Dookin' for Apples" (1979). Rounder 7010, Tom Doucet - "Tommy Doucet" (1979). Solid ROCD 8, "Sharon Shannon" (1991).</font>
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  • Philo 1051, Boys of the Lough (with Tommy & Brendon Gunn, fiddle) – "Good Friends, Good Music" (1977). SOLO 7012, Tommy Peoples – "A Traditional Experience with Tommy Peoples" (appears as "The New Policeman").
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  • ...75), however, the tune was originally composed as “[[Gráinne's Jig]]” by Donegal fiddler Tommy Peoples, named after his youngest daughter. ''Source for notated version'': tenor banjo player Tommy Finn (b. 1964, Marlow, Ballymote, County Sligo) [Flaherty].
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  • ...36, p. 9. O'Malley ('''Luke O'Malley's Collection of Irish Music''', vol. 1), 1976; No. 61, p. 31. Peoples ('''Fifty Irish Fiddle Tunes'''), 1986; 19. Taylor ('''Traditional Irish Music: Karen Tweed's Irish ...Corofin). Yazoo Records, Paddy Killoran & Paddy Sweeney - "The Wheels of the World, vol. 2." Tommy Peoples - "Traditional Irish Music" (appears as first tune of track 10). </font>
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