Bonny Black Irish Maid (The)

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X:1 T:Bonny black Irish maid, The M:3/4 L:1/8 R:Air Q:"Allegretto" B:Mulhollan - Selection of Irish and Scots Tunes (Edinburgh, 1804, p. 23) Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:G G2|:OGA(Bc)(de)|=fedcBA|GABcde|(=fe) d2 (ef)| g2e2g2|=f2d2B2|c2A2f2|dcBAG^F:| |:G2 (GABG)|A2 (ABcA)|G2 (GABG)|{d}c2 {B}(A2F2)| G2 (GABG)|A2!fermata!g2 g2|{g}f2 {e}d2 {c}B2|c2A2G2:|]

BONNY BLACK IRISH MAID, THE. Irish, Air (3/4 time). G Mixolydian/Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AB (Hudson): ABB. The melody appears in Cooke's Selection of Favourite Original Irish Airs arranged for Pianoforte, Violin or Flute (Dublin, 1793). The second half of the tune is shared with "Munster Cloak (The)," popularized by the Chieftains. Publisher Elias Howe attributes the tune to (Turlough O)'Carolan' in both his publications listed below, although on what evidence is not known.

Additional notes

Printed sources : - Howe (Musician's Omnibus No. 3), 1865; p. 220. Howe (1000 Jigs and Reels), c. 1867; p. 94. Henry Philerin Hudson (Collection of Irish Music, vol. 1), c. 1840-50; No. 57. Mulhollan (Selection of Irish and Scots Tunes), Edinburgh, 1804; p. 23.

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