Charleston No. 3

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X:1 T:Charleston No. 3 S:Willie Narmour (1889-1961, Carroll County, Mississippi) M:C| L:1/8 R:Reel Q:Moderately Quick N:A reworking of "Sailor's Hornpipe [1]" D: Okeh Records 45459 (78 RPM), Narmour & Smith (1930) F: Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:C c2-c3d ed||c2C2C2GF|ECDE cdec|d2 DE D2dc|BdBG g2(g2| c')agf aged|egfe dcBA|GcBd cedc|e2 [E4c4]ed| c2 C4 GF|ECDE Ccec|d2D2D2dc|BGBd g2(g2| c')agf aged|egfe dcBA|GcBd cedc|e2 [E4c4]|| |:([G,2E2]|[G,2G2])G2 AGEG|AG [F4A4][^F2_B2]-|[G2d2][G2d2]dedc|B2[G4B4]e2-| f2a2g2e2|fgfe dcBA|GcBd cedc|1e2 [E4c4]:|1e2[E4c4]ed||

CHARLESTON NO. 3. Old Time, Breakdown. USA, Mississippi. C Major. A reworking of the venerable English tune "Sailor's Hornpipe (1)" by the Mississippi group of William T. "Willie" Narmour (1889-1961) and Shellie W. "Shell" Smith (1895-1968). The title capitalizes on the duo's best selling "Charleston No. 1," and, named, as with their other 'Charleston' tunes, in honor of their hometown of Charleston, Mississippi.

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Recorded sources: -OKeh Records 45459 (78 RPM), Narmour and Smith (1930).

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Hear Narmour & Smith's 1930 recording at Slippery Hill [1]

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