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X:14 T:Daffodil Waltz C:Andy De Jarlis M:3/4 L:1/8 Z:abc by Bruce Osborne - bosborne@kos.net K:C EF|G4 ^F2|A4 G2|e6 -|e3 g _g=g|a2 g2 z e|d2 c2 z A|B6 -|B4 DE|! F4 E2|G4 F2|B6 -|B3 f _f=f|b2 a2 z g|g2 d2 c2|e6 -|e4 EF|! G4 ^F2|A4 G2|e6 -|e3 g ^fg|a2 g2 z e|c2 _b3 _b|a6 -|a4 z2|! ag ag cd|b4 a2|ga ge ^FG|f4 e2|e3 d BG|e3 d BG|c6 -|c4:|! K:G GA|B4 d2|^c4 e2|d4 B2|G4 d2|c3 A FD|C4 e2|d3 B GE|D6|! B,4 D2|^C4 E2|D4 d2|B4 d2|c3 A FD|C2 D2 E2|G6 -|G4:|!

Daffodil Waltz. Canadian, key of C. Composed by Andy DeJarlis.

Additional notes

Printed sources : - BMI (Manitoba's Golden Fiddler, Andy de Jarlis: Jigs, Reels, Waltzes), 1969.

Recorded sources : - London Records EBX 4153 - Andy de Jarlis and his Early Settlers "Waltzes to Remember" (1969). MCA 7008 "The Everlasting Don Messer and His Islanders" (1970). Voyager 310 - Gerry Robichaud "Down East Fiddling" (1973).

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