Daniel Wright's Hornpipe (1)

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X:1 T:Daniel Wright's Hornpipe [1] M:3/2 L:1/8 R:Triple Hornpipe B:Knowles - Northern Frisk K:D f2B2 cdec d4|A2 c4e2 cdc|f2B2 cdec d4|F2 B4 d2c2B2:| |:a2g2 fgaf c4|f2d2 fgaf cdec|a2g2 fgaf c4|f2b2f2B2 cdec:| |:f2b2f2B2 f2b2|A2c2e2d2 cdec|f2b2f2B2 f2b2|d2B2f2B2 cdcB:| |:f2e2 defd f2b2|a2f2 abaf cdec|f4 defd f2b2|a2f2 a2v2 agaf:| |:b3f afab a4|A2c4 e2 cdec|b3f afab f4|f2b4 f2d2B2:| |:d3B A2 AG F4|d2B2f2 gf cdec|d3B F2 AG F4|b2B2d2B2f2B2:|]

DANIEL WRIGHT'S HORNPIPE [1]. English, Hornpipe (3/2 time). England, North-West. B Minor. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABBCCDDEEFF. Presumably a (perhaps untitled) hornpipe from early 18th century London musical instrument seller and publisher Daniel Wright, whose shop was "next door to ye Sun Tavern, ye corner of Brook Street, in Holborn near the barrs." He had a son in the business, also Daniel Wright.

Additional notes

Printed sources : - Knowles (Northern Frisk), 1988; No. 66.

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