Drunken Man's Dream

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X:1 T:Drunken Man's Dream N:From the playing of fiddler Doc Roberts (1897-1978, Madison County, Ky.) M:C| L:1/8 R:Reel Q:"Moderately Quick" N:Play ABB'CBB' D:Champion 16208 (78 RPM), Doc Roberts & Asa Martin (1930) D:https://www.slippery-hill.com/recording/drunken-mans-dream Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:G P:A B,D|G2(_B2-=B)c^cd-|d4 cd(_B=B)|.Gged BGED|B,DEG- GDB,D| G2(_B2-=B)c^cd-| d4 cd(_B=B)|.Gd2c- cd(_B=B)|G4-GEAG|| P:B |:cdeg- g3a|((3_bag)e2 ((3_bag) ed-|d4 (3_bag eB-|[M:2/4]Bdef/g/| [M:C|]aged-d3(a2 |_b)age d(_BA2)|1G6:|2 G4- G(_B=B)d|| P:C g=fed- de(_B=B)|gded- d(_B=B)d|g=fed- dBc^c|d(c/B/A2) G2 +slide+Bd| g=fed- dcBd|g=fed- d2+slide+Bd|g=fed- dBc^c|d(c/B/A2) G2 BG||

DRUNKEN MAN'S DREAM. American, Country Blues. USA, eastern Ky. Composition credit claimed by Doc Roberts. James Roberts, Doc's son, thought his father may have named this tune for a dream he had while under the influence of "John Barleycorn." It seems the elder fiddler would often have nightmares after an evening drinking, and when asked about them in the morning related having dreamed of being butted by a goat (Art Rosenbaum/Charles Wolfe).

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Recorded sources: -Champion 16208 (78 RPM), Doc Roberts (1930). County 412, "Fiddling Doc Roberts" (1983).

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