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X:1 % T:Five Miles from Town [3] M:2/4 L:1/8 R:Reel F: Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:G D||:GG B/A/B/c/|ed e/g/f/e/|dB B/A/G/B/|AA/B/ A/G/E/D/| GG B/A/B/c/|ed e/g/f/e/|dB B/A/G/B/|1(A/4B/4A/)G G:|2 (A/4B/4A/) Ge/f/|| |:[Bg][Bg] [Aa]g/a/|bb a/g/e/d/|[dg]g [Aa]g/a/|b/a/g/e/ de/f/| g/d/[dg] [Aa]g/a/|bb a/g/e/d/|e/f/g/e/ dB|1A/B/A/F/ G[G/B/][G/B/]:|2 A/B/A/F/ G(3D/E/F/||

FIVE MILES FROM TOWN [3]. American, Reel (2/4 time). G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AA'BB'. The tune is sourced to fiddler Jessie "Jesse" James Abbott (1891-1978) from around Toledo, downstate Illinois, recorded in the field in the 1970's by members of the band Indian Creek Delta Boys. "Chirps" Smith mentioned Abbott as an influence on his own fiddling, in an article in the Chicago Tribune ("Stayin' Alive with a Mountain Beat", Sunday, June 28, 1992)"

"He was an interesting fellow. Smith said. "He was born in southern Missouri in a covered wagon. He had a very large family; his first wife had died. He was in his 80s and his second wife was about 38 or 40. His kids ranged in age from 65 to 14. He knew a lot of really unusual tunes nobody else played."

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