Moll Rooney's Pig

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X:1 T:Moll Rooney's Pig M:6/8 L:1/8 R:Jig B:The Dublin Magazine (January, 1843, No. 3) K:F (3c/d/e/|f2F F2 (3G/F/E/|F2 (3G/F/E/ F2G|A2G A2B|c3-c2 (3c/d/e/| f2F F2 (3G/F/E/|F2 (3G/F/E/ F2G|A2G F2E|D3-D2:| |:A|d2c d2e|f2g f2e|d2c d2e|f3-f2 f/g/| agf gfe|fed cde|f2d c2A|F3-F2:|| G|A2G ABc|d2c def|c2d c2B|A2G F2e|f2d c2A| F3 F2z|A2G ABc|d2c def/g/|a2g f2 e|d3-d2||

MOLL ROONEY'S PIG. Irish, Jig (6/8 time). F Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABBC. Dr. Hudson's note to the tune in The Dublin Magazine goes:

We told you that Paddy Conneely was a merry fellow; a fellow of infinite fun as well as jest-- of mos excellent memory as well as fancy. If his heart be sad for a while, it will soon be jovial again. Mirth is its general characteristic. The first tune he desired us to take down from his playing was "Moll Rooney's Pig." We took the pig in a poke, and here it is for you, ladies and gentlemen, a right merry pig--a lively fellow--a funny creature.

Nobody can account for the two bars in the middle of the third part, which echo the conclusion of the second part, and lead to the rallentando at the end of the third, whence the air returns to its commencement. If the pig jumped the field gate, and swallowed two of the bars,--would that do it? They would be int he middle! Follow it not on; it is a vile jest. Drop it. The tune is better. Try it.

Additional notes
Source for notated version : - Paddy Conneely, the Galway Piper [The Dublin Magazine].

Printed sources : - Henry Hudson (The Dublin Magazine), January, 1842; No. 3.

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