Moonlight on the River Colorado

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X:1 T:Moonlight on the River Colorado C:Robert A. King M:3/4 L:1/4 Q:120 K:F "F"A3/2F/C/^C/|"Bb"D3/2F/B/d/|"F"cA2-|A3|"C7"c3/2=B/_B/A/|G3/2^F/G/A/| "F"=F3-|F2z|"F"A3/2F/C/^C/|"Bb"D3/2F/B/d/|"F"cA2-|A3|"C7"c3/2=B/_B/A/| G3/2^F/G/A/|"F"F3|E/F/ G/A/ B/c/||"Bb"ddd|B2d|"F"c3/2=B/c/_B/| A3|"Dm"AAA|"G7"AGF|"C7"c3-|c3{G^G}|"F"A3/2F/C/^C/|"Bb"D3/2F/B/d/| "F"cA2-|A2A|"C7"c3/2=B/_B/A/|G3/2F/G/A/|"F"F3-|F2|]

MOONLIGHT ON THE RIVER COLORADO. Waltz, Key of F, American. Composed by Robert A. King in 1930, this popular song was recorded by many artists, including Riley Puckett, Slim Whitman, and the Sons of the Pioneers; but it was probably the instrumental recording by the Spokane, Washington group The Mom & Dads that helped make it a standard among Western old time fiddlers.

Additional notes

Recorded sources : - Warner Special Products OP 1507, The Mom and Dads "20 Favorite Waltzes" (1980).

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