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X:29 T:My Father Was A Dutchman % NFF Book 2019 % Bush Traditions recording played by Ray Mulligan S:collected from Pearly Watling, Goulburn, NSW S:John Meredith Collection, NLA N:This tune was popular in Australia and collected N:from various informants at various localities. N:Pearly Watling used this as her Spanish Waltz B:David Johnson, "Bush Dance", The Bush Music Club, 2001 O:Australia, NSW, Goulburn R:Waltz M:3/4 L:1/8 K:G |:D2|"G"G3F GA|B2G2E2|D2E2B,2|D2C2B,2| "D7"A3G AB|c3B AG|1D2E2D2|"G"B,4:|2D2E2F2|"G"G4 DG|| |"G"B4 DG|B4 DG|B2c2d2|e2d2B2|"D7"A4 DF|A4 DF|"(Am)"A2B2c2|"D7"e2d2c2| "G"B4 DG|B4 DG|B2c2d2|e2d2B2|"D7"A3G AB|c3B AG|D2E2F2|"G"G4||

MY DADDY WAS A DUTCHMAN. AKA and see: "Fanny Elsler's Spanish Cachuca," "Cachucha (La)," "Cachuca (La)," "Cachoucha (The)," "Old German Waltz," "Patrick Kelly's Waltz, "Aggie's Waltz," "My Father Was a Dutchman" (Australia). American, Australian, waltz (3/4 time), G major. AB. Standard tuning (fiddle). Other titles in Australia include "They Said She Was a Virgin," "Little Polly Perkins," "A Far Nicer Girl," "Mayflower Waltz," "Mary is a Weeping," "My Heart is in the Highlands," "Spanish Waltz," "Spanish Cachoucha." This tune is obviously derived from the 1836 "La Cachucha." The first part is almost the same; in the second part, although the melody uses a similar sequence of notes, the rhythmic emphasis is much more like a modern “oom-pah-pah” waltz. It was in the repertoire of Washington State fiddlers Ray Wright and Dave Bartley. The tune is popular among traditional musicians in Australia.

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Source for notated version : - Source of abc score: [1]

Printed sources : - Stuart Williams (The Evergreen Fiddler, vol. I), 2005; p. 9.

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