My sorrow is greater than I can tell

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X:1 T:My sorrow is greater than I can tell L:1/8 M:6/8 S:Joyce - Old Irish Folk Music and Songs (1909) Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion Q:"Slow and tender" K:Amin A/>B/|cBA BGE|D/E/GG G2 A>B|cBA BeA/G/|EAA A2 A/B/| c/B/c/d/e/^f/ ged|e/d/BA G2 A>B|cd/c/B/A/ BeA/G/|EAA A2|| a/b/|c'ba bag|egg g2 a/b/|c'ba bag|eaa/>b/ a2 A>B| c/B/c/d/e/^f/ ged|BdB/A/ G2 A/>B/|cd/c/B/A/ BeA/>G/|EAA A2||

MY SORROW IS GREATER THAN I CAN TELL. AKA and see "There's an End to My Sorrow." Irish, Slow Air (6/8 time). A Dorian. Standard tuning (fiddle). AB. The melody, in a simpler version, is also the vehicle for the Scots song "There'll never be peace 'til Jamie comes hame."

Additional notes
Source for notated version : - James Keane of Kilkee on the Atlantic coast of County Clare, in 1876 when he was in his 83rd year [Joyce].

Printed sources : - Joyce (Old Irish Folk Music and Songs), 1909; No. 14, p. 10.

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