Out The Buckhorn Way

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X:755 T:Out The Buckhorn Way C:Leonard Sexsmith M:C| L:1/8 K:D fg|"D "a2ab afde|f2fg fede|f2d2e2f2|"G "g4g2ef|"A7 "g2ga gfed| c2cd cBAB|c2Ac BAG2|"D "F2FF F2fg|a2ab afde|f2fg fede|f2d2 e2f2| "G "g4g2ef|"A7 "g2ga gfed|c2cd cBA2|a2af gecA|"D "d2D2 E2=F2|| F4A2Bc|d2f6|"G "g3a gfe2|"E7 "B6B2|"A7"c3d cAce| a2a4 ^ga|b2a2 ^g2a2|"D "f2D2 E2=F2|F4A2Bc|d2f4df| "G "g3a gfe2|"E7"B6B2|"A7"c3d cAce|a2a6|a2af fece|"D"d2ddd2|]

OUT THE BUCKHORN WAY. Canadian, Two-Step (2/4 time). D major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AA'BB'. Composed by British Columbia fiddler Leonard Sexsmith and popularized by Canadian radio and TV fiddler and bandleader Don Messer. Buckhorn is a place name and community near Prince George, British Columbia.

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Recorded sources : - Apex AL 7-1646 - Don Messer and His Islanders "Hello Neighbor" (1968)

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