Saandie Burn Reel

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X: 1 % T:Sandyburn Reel C:Joe Buchanan's Scottish Tome - Page 187.1 I:187 1 Z:Carl Allison R:Reel L:1/8 M:4/4 K:A E2 | "A"A2 EA dcBA | "A"e2 cA a2 A2 | "A"agfe ^decA | "Bm7"B2 E2 "E7"d2 E2 | "A"A2 EA dcBA | "A"e2 cA "F#m"a2 A2 | "Bm7"agfe "E7"Bcde | "A"c2 "D"A2 "A"A2 :| e2 | "A"a2 ee c'2 e2 | "A"e'2 e2 a2 e2 | "A"agfe ^dece | "Bm7"B2 e2 "E7"g2 e2 | "A"a2 ee c'2 e2 | "A"e'2 e2 a2 e2 | "Bm7"agfe "E7"Bcde | "A"c2 "D"A2 "A"A2 :| E2 | "A"A2 EA dcBA | "A"EAce fecA | "E7"EGBd gf e2 | "Bm7"gebe "E7"gedB | "A"A2 EA dcBA | "A"EAce "F#m"fecA | "Bm7"agfe "E7"Bcde | "A"c2 "D"A2 "A"A2 :| e2 | "A"agae c'ee'e | "A"agfe c2 A2 | "A"agfe ^dece | "Bm7"Bege "E7"bege | "A"ceae c'ee'e | "A"agfe c2 "F#m"A2 | "Bm7"agfe Bcde | "A"c2 "D"A2 "A"A2 :|

SAANDIE BURN REEL, DA. AKA – “Sandyburn Reel.” Shetland, Reel. A Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AA'BBCCDD. Composed by Shetland fiddler Frank Jamieson (1919-1982) and named after his birthplace in Sandyburn/Saandie Burn, Leveneep. Jamieson lived in Vidlin, Shetland and was a company director (or an office manager) to a waving and knitting company in Lerwick, a well-known fiddler and composer and founder member of Shetland Fiddlers' Society. His family funds a Frank Jamieson Memorial Trophy for first place in the young fiddler category in the yearly Shetland competition.

Additional notes

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