Set américain 2ième partie (Duguay)

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X:1 T:Set américain 2ième partie (Duguay) M:2/4 L:1/8 R:Reel C:Théodore Duguay (1904-1950, Quebec City) S:Pascal Gemme K:D (3A/B/c/|:d/A/F/A/ D/A/F/A/|E/A/F/A/ D/A/B/c/|d/A/F/A/ D/A/F/A/|e/d/e/f/ e/A/B/c/| d/A/F/A/ D/A/F/A/|E/A/F/A/ D(3A/B/c/|d/c/d/f/ e/A/B/c/|1 d/f/e/c/ d(3A/B/c/:|2 d/f/e/c/ dc|| |:B>c d/c/d/e/|ff/g/ f/e/d/c/|B/A/B/c/ d/c/B/A/|G/F/G/A/ G/G/F| BB/c/ d/c/d/e/|ff/g/ f/e/d/c/|B/A/B/c/ d/c/B/A/|1 B/b/f/d/ BF:|2 B/b/f/d/ B(3A/B/c/||

SET AMÉRICAIN 2ÈME PARTIE. French-Canadian, Reel (cut or 2/4 time). D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. This is the tune that is popular in contra-dance and Quebecois sessions with the paired-down title "Set américain." It was recorded in 1945 by Quebec City accordion player Théodore Duguay (1904-1950), and was one of only a couple of recordings he made.

Théodore Duguay

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