Annotation:Shining Pool Hornpipe (The)

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X:1 T:Shining Pool Hornpipe, The M:4/4 L:1/8 R:Hornpipe C:Willie Taylor K:D (3ABc|(3def (3edc d>BA>G|F>AE>AD2 F>G|A>dc>d B>dg>f|(3efe (3dcB A>gf>e|! (3def (3edc d>BA>G|F>AE>AD2 F>G|A>dc>d B>de>d|(3cBA (3gfed2 :|! f>g|a>fd>f e>cA>G|F>Ad>f a>fd>c|B>gg>B A>ff>d|(3efe (3dcB A2 f>g|! a>fd>f e>cA>G|F>Ad>f a>fd>c|B>gg>B A>ff>d|(3cBA (3gfe d2 f>g|! a>fd>f e>cA>G|F>Ad>f a>fd>c|B>gg>B A>ff>d|(3efe (3dcB A2 (3ABc|! (3def (3edc d>BA>G|F>AE>AD2 F>G|A>dc>d B>de>d|(3cBA (3gfe d2 ||

SHINING POOL. English, Hornpipe (whole time). D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. Composed by Borders fiddler biography:Willy Taylor (1916-2000). The note with the tune in the Alnwick Pipers’ Society Book explains: "The Shining Pool was a particularly reflective stretch of water on the Harthope Burn near Skirl Naked [in Northunberland]. A storm washed it away shortly after the tune was composed". {break|2}}

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Printed sources : - Alnwick Pipers’ Society Book. {break|2}}

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