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X:1 T:Sir Charles Forbes Bart. of Newe's C:Alexander Walker M:C L:1/8 B:Walker - Collection of Strathspeys, Reels, Marches &c. B:(1866, p. 1) Q:"Slow, when not danced." Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion F: K:A F|E<CA>C E2 E>F|E<CA>C B,<BB>c|E<CA>C (E2 E>)c|d/e/f/g/ a/g/f/e/ c<AA>F| E<CA>C (E2 E>)A|c<Ae>A G<BB>c|(3dfd B>d (3cec A>F|(3GBG E>G A<A,A,|| e|d/c/B/A/ E>A F>A E2|c>Ae>c f<BB>e|{g}a/g/f/e/ c>e A>ec>A|(3def (3efg a<AA>e| d/c/B/A/ E>A F>AE>c|d>Bc>A G<BB>d|c<ee>c d/e/f/g/ a>f|{f}e<c{e}d>B c<AA||

SIR CHARLES FORBES BART. OF NEWE. Scottish, Strathspey. A Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AB. Composed by Aberdeenshire fiddler-composer biography:Alexander Walker (b. 1819) for his patron and employer Sir Charles Forbes (1803–1877), 3rd Baronet of Newe. Sir Charles was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, where his father had established the first mercantile house there, Forbes & Co. of Bombay. He was a graduate of Harrow and was formerly a captain in the 17th Lancers, going on half-pay after 1835. Sir Charles was made a baronet in 1823, and spent much of his post-military career as a Member of Parliament. He married Caroline, daughter of George Battye of Campden Hill on 21 August 1830. She died in 1877.

"Newe" in Walker's title refers to Castle Newe, Strathdon, western Aberdeenshire, built by Sir Charles who hired architect Archbald Simpson. Fiddler-composer Alexander Walker was employed as the gardener at Castle Newe, where he was leader of the Castle Newe Band.

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Printed sources : - Walker (A Collection of Strathspeys, Reels, Marches, &c.), 1866; No. 1, p. 1.

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