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X:1 T:South Downs, The M:C| L:1/8 R:Reel or Hornpipe B:A Young Lady – “A Collection of Country Dances and Waltzes” (c. 1797, No. 12, p. 16) N:According to a Ms. note on the Royal Academy of Music Library copy, the N:composer is Miss Newberry B: Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:F V:1 f3c e>dc>c|B>cA>B A>G{G}F>E|F>CA,>F B,>DG>B,|A,>FG,>E F>A,C>F| A>Ff>e e>dc>c|B>cA>B A>G{G}F>E|F>CA,>F B,>DG>B,|A,>FG,>E [A,4F4]|| ~c3d c>AB>d|c3d c>AB>d|c>fd>f c>fd>f|c>AF>A G2 za/b/| c'3d' c>ab>d'|c'3d' c'>ab>d'|c'>ag>f b>gf>e|[A2f2][c2a2][A4f4]|| V:2 clef=bass [F,2A,2C2][F,2A2C2][F,2B,D2][F,2A,2C2]|[G,2B,2C2][F,2A,2C2]C2C,2|F,2A,,2B,,2B,,2|C,2C,,2F,,2z2| F,,2F,2B,,2A,,2|G,,2F,,2C,2C,,2|A,,2A,,2B,,2B,,2|C,2C,,2F,,4|| [A,2C2]F,2[A,2C2][B,2D2]|[A,2C2]F,2[A,2C2][B,2D2]|[A,2C2][B,2D2] [A,2C2][B,2D2]|[A,2C2]F,2[C,2C2]z2| |[K:clef=treble][A2c2]F2[A2c2][B2d2]|[A2c2]F2[A2c2][B2d2]|[F2A2c2][F2A2c2][C2G2B2][C2G2B2]|[F2A2][K:clef=bass]F,2 F,4||

SOUTH DOWNS, THE. English, Reel or Hornpipe (cut time). F Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. "The South Downs" is a reel or hornpipe contained in a small volume of original tunes entitled A Collection of Country Dances and Waltzes (c. 1797), composed anonymously by "A Young Lady", however, according to a Ms. note on the Royal Academy of Music Library copy, the composer was a Miss Newberry. Since many of the titles are named for Sussex and its locales, it can be assumed Miss Newberry was a resident of the county.

The South Downs is the name given to a range of chalk hills that extends for about 260 square miles across the south-eastern coastal counties of England from the Itchen valley of Hampshire in the west to Beachy Head, in the Eastbourne Downland Estate, East Sussex, in the east.

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Printed sources : - A Young Lady (A Collection of Country Dances and Waltzes), c. 1797; No. 12, p. 16

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