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X:1 T:Three O'Clock in the Morning C:Julián Robledo M:3/4 L:1/8 R:Waltz D:Rounder Records 004, Clark Kessinger – “Old Time Music with Fiddle and Guitar" (1972) D: Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:G D2|G4 F2|G3 B-d2|a4-^g2|{ga}=g4-gz|eg- g2-g"4"e-|d4-dD-|F6-|F4D2| A4G2|A4 B-d|b6|a6|{ga}g2.f2za|{ga}g2-gBe2|d6-|d4(3.D.E.F| G4-F2|G2-B2d2|a6|g6|{a}g2f2g2|a2g2d2|e6-|e4 (e2| {f}e2)^d2e2|g2f2ze|+slide+g4d2|{Bc}B4{AB}d2|(B/c/B)-B2-BD|A4-AD|G6-|G4:| K:C c3-cE c2|{Bc}B2A2EA|G3E DC|(A,/B,/A,) G,4|c2E2c2|{Bc}B2z2 G-E|G6-|G6| [B,4G4]-[B,G]G|[G2B2][G4B4]|[F2B2]-[FB]ED2|B,4 B,-A,|G,2B,2D2|G2(B2A2)|G6-|G4 (3GA-B| c3-cE c2|{Bc}B2A2EA|G3E DC|(A,/B,/A,) G,4|C2E2G2|+slide+e4B2| d4(c/d/c)|A6|A6| c2-cBc2|d4cd|e4cA|G2-GF G2|A,6|B,2-B,A,B,2|C6-|C6:|

THREE O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING. American, Waltz (3/4 time). USA, Arizona. G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). "wikipedia:Three O'Clock in the Morning" was a waltz composed by wikipedia:Julián Robledo (1887–1940), an Argentine tango composer born in Spain, written as a piano solo and published in New Orleans in 1919. It was immensely popular in the 1920's (popularized by Paul Whiteman's million-selling recording) and versions entered a number of genres, including contemporary dance music, swing, bluegrass, contest and old-time fiddle styles. Arizona fiddler Kenner C. Kartchner recalled that it "came about 1910," misremembering by a decade.

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Recorded sources : - Decca 27432 (78 rpm), The Andrews sisters with Vic Schoen and his orchestra (1946). Rounder Records 004, Clark Kessinger – “Old Time Music with Fiddle and Guitar: (1972). Stoneway 104, “Chubby Wise and his Fiddle” (1969). Victor 18940-A (78 RPM), Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra (1922).

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