Turniskey Lasses

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X: 1 T:Turniskey Lasses (r) B:NFID.241 180turn_L S:PT Z:Robinson/Black L:1/8 M:C R:reel Q:360 F:http://www.john-chambers.us/~jc/music/abc/demo/Tunes/GandersStrutH.abc K:Em B2BA G2AG|FADA FADA|B2BA GAB^c|dBA=c BGE2| B2BA G2AG|FADA FADA|B2BA GAB^c|dBA=c BGE2:| e2ge bege|defg afdf|e2ge bege|BdAc BGE2| e2ge bege|defg afdf|gfed egfe|dBAc BGE2:|

TURNISKEY LASSES. Irish, Reel (whole time). Ireland, Ulster. E Minor/Dorian. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. See also the related "Gleanntán Reel (2) (The)," "Donal a' Clumper's Reel," "Pat Tuohey's Reel," "Pat Tuohy's Reel," "Patsy Touhey's Reel (2)," and "Tuohey's Favorite Reel." The latter is closely related in the E dorian first strain, and also in the second strain, albeit a step apart. This puts "Tuohey's Favorite Reel" in the key of 'D' Major, while "Turniskey Lasses" remains in E minor.

Additional notes
Source for notated version : - fiddler Peter Turbit [Feldman & O’Doherty].

Printed sources : - Feldman & O’Doherty (The Northern Fiddler), 1979; p. 241.

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