Unnamed Waltz No. 2

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X:1 T: Unnamed Waltz No. 2 C: N:From the Haynes Family Manuscript. Z:V.T. Williams M:3/4 K:D F2^EFA2|A2^GAd2|A2B2c2|d2z2z2|:F6-|F2G2^G2|A6-|A2F2d2|c4-E2| c4B2|A4d2|F6|F6-|F2G2^G2|A6|F2A2d2|c4B2|A4C2|D6-|D2z2z2:| |:A6-|A2G2E2|F6-|D2F2A2|A6-|A2G2E2|F6-|F2F2D2|G2FG BG| ed cB AG|F2^EF AF|dc BA GF|E2A2^G2|=G2B,2C2|[D6F6]-|[D2F2]z2z2:| K:G !segno!|:B6-|A2B2G2|D6-|D2G2B2|d4c2|e4d2|d6|d2^c2=c2|B6|A2B2G2| D6-|D2G2B2|1A4G2|B4A2|D6|D2^C2=C2:|2A4c2|e4d2|G3GG2|G2z2!fine!z2|| K:D F2EFA2|G2FGB2|A2E2G2|F3DA,2|F2EFA2|G2FGB2|A2B2c2|d2^c2!D.S.!=c2|]

UNNAMED WALTZ NO. 2. American (?), Waltz (3/4 time). D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. The first several measures of the first strain are very similar to Ira Ford's "Rose Waltz (2)" and Indiana fiddler Dick Summers' "Old Rose."

Additional notes

Printed sources : - V. Williams (The Hayes Family Manuscript), 2010; p. 39.

Recorded sources : - Voyager 375, Vivian Williams, Terry Wergeland, Phil Williams - "Tunes from the Haynes Family Manuscript" (2012).

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