Walk Old Shoe Heel Come A-Dragging

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X:1 T: Walk Old Shoe, Heel Come A-Draggin' C: N:From Pauline McGinnis, Vienna, IL Z:V.T. Williams M:C| K:D A,-|"D"A,2D2F2A2|d2dA BAFD|F-A2B AFDE|"A"FDE2E3A,-| "D"A,2D2F2A2|d2dA BAFD|F-A2B AFDE|"A"FDEF"D"D3:| |:A|"D"d2f2f2d2|"G"edBA BAFD|"D"F-A2B AFDE|"A"FDE2E3A-| "D"d2f2f2d2|"G"edBA BAFD|"D"F-A2B AFDE|"A"FDEF"D"D3:|

Garry Harrison collected this tune from Pauline McGinnis on 21 March 1977 and it is No. 269 in Dear Old Illinois. Garry noted that she learned the tune from her grandfather.

Alta Pauline Rion was born 1 July 1913 in Samoth, Massac Co, IL, a daughter of Arthur D Rion (10 May 1889 in Vienna, Johnson Co, IL) and Ada Richardson (February 1891 - 5 December 1952). Her paternal grandparents were Isaac Rion (born October 1832 in TN) & Eudora J Lambert (born July 1844 in KY). Her maternal grandparents were Willis Richardson (b. April 1866) and Viola Isabel Bynum (born August 1868). Both were born in IL. She married Calvin Ladd McGinnis at some point in time. He was born in Johnson Co, IL 19 April 1912 and he died 15 November 1999. Pauline worked as a hairdresser. She died in Vienna on 1 April 1991.

Additional notes

Printed sources : - Dear Old Illinois. Garry Harrison & Jo Burgess. Pick Away Press, Bloomington, IN (2007), No.269

Recorded sources : - Volo Bogtrotter, Backside of Buncombe, Marimac Recordings 9022, cassette (1989).

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