Annotation:Waltz that Carried Me to My Grave (The)

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WALTZ THAT CARRIED ME TO MY GRAVE, THE (Valse qui ma portin de ma fose, La). Cajun, Waltz. USA, La. The song was recorded in New Orleans in 1928 by the duo of guitarist and singer Cléoma Breaux (1906-1941) and accordion player Joseph Falcon (1900-1965), who later married. Cléoma was not credited on this recording, which, with the 'A' side "Lafayette", is often considered the first commercial Cajun recording. See also related tunes "Valse des Grands Chemins" (Highway Waltz) and "Mon Coeur est Barre dans l'Armoire."

Joe Falcon & Cléoma Breaux

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Recorded sources: Columbia 15275-D (78 RPM), accordion player Joseph Falcon and Cleoma Breaux, 1928.

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