Waverly Two-Step

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X:1 T:Waverley Two-Step C:Graham Townsend M:C| L:1/8 K:D D2F2G2|"D"A3A ABAF|D2D2F2G2|A3A ABAF|D2F2A2d2|[f4d4][fd]3g|f2d2e2d2| "A7"c4c3d|c4E2F2|G3F GFGF|E2C2A,CEF|G3F GFGF|E2C2EFAB| c4c3d|c2(3BcBA2G2|"D"F4F3G|F2F2G2^G2|A3A ABAF|D2D2F2G2| A3A ABAF|D2F2A2d2|[f4d4][fd]2(3efg|a2f2e2d2|"G"g4g3a|g2d=c Bdef| g4g3a|g2d2e2g2|"D"f4f3e|d2A2(3BcBA2|"E7"e4efed|"A7"(3cdcA2B2c2| "D"d4d3d|d4c2d2||"A7"[e4A4]efed|c4 efga|"D"f2fe dBAG|F4B2A2| "E7"^G3AB2c2|d3d c2B2|"A7"A4A2^G2|G4F2G2|"D"A3A ABAF|D2D2F2G2| A3A ABAF|D2F2(3ABcd2|[f4d4][f3d3]g|a2f2e2d2|"G"g4g3a|g2d=c Bdef| g4g3a|g2d2efga|"D "f4fgfe|d2A2B2A2|"E7"e4efed|"A7"c2A2B2c2|"D "d4d3d|d2|]

WAVERLY TWO-STEP. AKA - "Waverley Two-Step." Canadian, Two-Step. Canada, Ontario. D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AB. Composed by Ontario fiddler Graham Townsend, named for Waverley (note the second 'e' in the spelling), Ontario, located near Lake Huron. Peter Yarensky remarks that the tune is popular with French Canadian fiddlers in New England (e.g. Marcel Robidas, Simon St. Pierre).

Additional notes

Recorded sources : - Banff SBS 5284, Graham Townsend - "Graham Townsend and His Fiddle" (1967). Revonah RS-926, Simon St. Pierre - "Fiddler From Maine" (1977).

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