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WELLINGTON NEW WALTZ, THE. English, Waltz. A Minor. Standard tuning (fiddle). ABC. The tune appears in Hodsoll’s Collection of Popular Dances No. 24, an undated manuscript of tunes with Napoleonic-era titles and country dance directions. “There has existed in Liverpool for more than half a century a select and fashionable institution framed after the model of the old Almack’s of London, known as the Wellington Rooms. Election to it is by ballot; the claims and positions of candidates are closely scrutinized. To be a member of the society is to obtain a sort of hall-mark of social consideration. Dances are given once a fortnight during the winter, and the building is used for no other purpose. Parties from the different noblemen’s seats in the neighbourhood attend frequently, and always in the race week.” (Thomas Hay Sweet Escott, England: Her People Polity, and Pursuits, New York, 1880, p. 92).

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