William Ross's Collection of Pipe Music

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William Ross's Collection of Pipe Music

(Tune list)
 Also published as:     
 Format:     Collection
 Publisher:     London : Maclure, Macdonald & Macgregor
 Author:     William Ross
 Collector:     William Ross
 Year of publication or Date of MS:     1869


  1. Cumha phroinsa companach (Prince consorts lament)
  2. Riobain corm (Blue riband)
  3. Cumha na mairbh (Lament for the dead)
  4. Chaidh na fir a coal (Men went to drink)
  5. Cumha na chloinne (Children's lament)
  6. Failte fear Bhelbhank (Melbanks salute)
  7. Fear a breacan duibh (Battle of Red Hill)
  8. Spiocaireachd iascaich (The Fishers of Geogh Brodinn)
  9. Cumha fear Lochmuidart (Kinlochmuidart's lament)
  10. Chronnan na callaich a bhan sa bhein bhreach (Old woman's lullaby)
  11. Cumha Ddhonhnull san Mhic Cruimmen (Donald Bain Macremmond's lament)
  12. Cumha na Cuideachd (The Company's lament)
  13. Cumha na bhrathair (The brother's lament)
  14. Piobairreachd inerniesh (Inverness piobaireachd)
  15. Failte Reisimeid Duish (Black Watch's salute)
  16. Cath blar Allt Erun (Battle of Water Ern)
  17. Sucrach suirideach (Friskey lover)
  18. Cumha an aon mhich (Lament for the only son)
  19. Cumha bhan Rich Ann (Queen Anne's lament)
  20. Failte Fear Chlunny (Cluny Macpherson's salute)

Ceòl beag[edit]

  1. Marchioness of Tullibardine (The)
  2. Invercauld March
  3. Willie Cameron march
  4. Club of true Highlanders March
  5. Tom Glen March
  6. Mackenzie's farewell to Ross-shire March
  7. And Sae Will We Yet
  8. Malcolm MacPherson's Lullaby
  9. Captain Lamond's March
  10. Steam Boat (The)
  11. Earl of Ross's March
  12. Highland Brigade's March to the Battle of Alma (The)
  13. Bonnie House of Airlie (The)
  14. Highland Plaid (The)
  15. 92nd Gordon Highlanders' March (The)
  16. MacDonald's March (The)
  17. Highland Rory
  18. Edinburgh Volunteer’s March
  19. Captain Campbell's March
  20. Braes of Mar (The)
  21. Strath Herrick Highlanders' March (The)
  22. Atholl Highlanders (The)
  23. Foot of Gernock (The)
  24. Delvin Side
  25. Polka
  26. Restoraton of the Highland Garb (The)
  27. Royal Highlanders' Farewell to Aberdeen (The)
  28. John Watt's Highlanders' March
  29. Leaving Inverness
  30. MacLauchlins' March (The)
  31. Old Man Will Never Die (The)
  32. Yochel Harbour
  33. Paddy Carie
  34. Black Watch
  35. Bruce's Address
  36. Flowers of the Forest
  37. Jockie said to Jenny
  38. Black Watch's Farewell to Bareilly (The)
  39. Waterloo March (The)
  40. MacKenzie of Garloch's March
  41. Boddach a Lander
  42. Highland Brigade's March to Waterloo (The)
  43. Highland Lassie Going to the Fair
  44. Earl of Fife's March (The)
  45. My Native Highland Home
  46. Barren Rocks of Aden (The)
  47. Captain Campbell of Glendarual's March
  48. Bonnie Country Garden (The)
  49. Hundred Pipers (A)
  50. Finlay's March
  51. Allengrange's March
  52. Paddy's Trip to Dublin
  53. 78th's Farewell to Belgaum (The)
  54. Lord Lovat's March
  55. Inverness Shire Militia's March (The)
  56. John Roy Stewart
  57. MacKay's Farewell to the 71st
  58. My Lodging is on the Cold Cold Ground
  59. Brae Mar Highlanders' March (The)
  60. Lass of Richmond Hill (The)
  61. Cameron Men (The)
  62. Donald Blue
  63. Blue Bonnets Over the Border
  64. Johnny Cope
  65. Her Majesty's Welcome of Coriemulzie
  66. Triumph (The)
  67. Mary Weep No More for Me
  68. Old Highland Air (An)
  69. Barbadoes Bells
  70. Emily Stewart
  71. Murray of Harris's March
  72. Sutherlandshire Militia's March (The)
  73. Johnny's Faraway
  74. Gordon Stewart Forbes's March
  75. John Bain MacKenzie's March
  76. Caithness Volunteers' March (The)
  77. Black Bear (The)
  78. Bonnie Highland Mary
  79. MacKenzie's Highlanders
  80. Cameronian's Farewell to Gibraltar (The)
  81. March to the Battlefield
  82. Soldier's Return
  83. Cuckoo's Nest (10) (The)
  84. Katharine Oggle
  85. Cullen House
  86. Floors Castle March
  87. I am a Young Man that Lived with My Mother
  88. Red Coat (The)
  89. Hurrah for the Bonnets of Blue
  90. Miss MacGregor's Favourite
  91. Mount Stewart House
  92. Colonel Forbes of Inverernan's March
  93. Culloden House
  94. Lord John Scott's March
  95. 42nd's Welcome to Scotland Again (The)
  96. Lads wi' the Kilts (The)
  97. Daft Donald
  98. Abergeldie Castle
  99. Shepherd Boy's March (The)
  100. Forbes' March (The)
  101. Burns Farewell
  102. Lochiel's Farewell to Isla
  103. Cock a Bendie
  104. Logans Bonnie Woods and Braes
  105. Her Majesty's Welcome to Glenfiddech
  106. Lass o' Gowrie
  107. White Cockade (The)
  108. Little Man on the Loom (The)
  109. Old Highland Air (An)
  110. Abercairney's Highlanders
  111. Cluny's Strathspey
  112. Cluny's Reel
  113. Phones Lodge
  114. Jenny Dang the Weaver
  115. Prince of Wales Jig (The)
  116. Black Duncan
  117. Prince of Wales's Reel (The)
  118. New Bridge of Crathie (The)
  119. Duke of Edinburgh's Strathspey (The)
  120. Duke of Edinburgh's Reel (The)
  121. Spirits of Whisky
  122. Cameronian Rant (The)
  123. Kilcoy Castle
  124. Strath Connan
  125. Mrs. Ross (1)
  126. Dr. MacKinnon's Reel
  127. Inverness Rant (The)
  128. Over the Isles to America
  129. Duchess of Roxburgh's Strathspey (The)
  130. General Stewart's Reel
  131. Black Haired Girl of Knockie (The)
  132. Barbara's Strathspey
  133. Drive Home the Mainlanders
  134. Delvin Side
  135. If Charlie Comes
  136. Allan More
  137. Birks of Abergeldie
  138. Ballater Rant
  139. Mrs. Stewart of Grantuly's Strathspey
  140. Rosemarkie Rant
  141. Miss Campbell of Glendarual's Reel
  142. Sandy King
  143. Bonnie Black Lad (The)
  144. Mrs. Gow's Strathspey
  145. Miss Girdle
  146. Fox Hunter's Jig
  147. Caledonian Society of London's Strathspey (The)
  148. Caledonian Society of London's Reel (The)
  149. Dr. Gades's Strathspey
  150. Coming Through the Burn to Lachie
  151. Marchioness of Huntley's Strathspey
  152. Miller's Fair Daughter (The)
  153. Miller's Wife of Milton (The)
  154. Duke of Leeds's Strathspey (The)
  155. Duke of Manchester's Reel (The)
  156. MacKenzie of Fairburn's Strathspey
  157. Perthshire Hunt (The)
  158. Samuel the Weaver
  159. Munlochy Bridge
  160. Old Duncan's Reel
  161. Highland Whiskey*
  162. Braes of Balquhider*
  163. Balmoral Castle
  164. Drummond Castle
  165. Red Haired Girl of Tulloch (The)
  166. Black mill
  167. Tallipronnie
  168. Colonel MacLeod's Reel
  169. Because He was a Bonny Lad
  170. Lord Clyde's Reel
  171. Loudon's Bonnie Woods
  172. King's Gun (The)
  173. Lees of Luncarty (The)
  174. Sir John MacKae's Reel
  175. Gillie Callum
  176. Madelina Sinclair*
  177. Devil Among the Tailors (The)*
  178. Captain Chisholm's Strathspey
  179. Daldowny's Reel*
  180. Irishman's Joy (The)
  181. Market Place of Inverness (The)
  182. Primrose Girl (The)
  183. Barbara's Jig
  184. Banks of Clyde
  185. Princess of Wales's Reel
  186. My Love is the Fair Lad
  187. Polka
  188. Duke of Richmond's Reel
  189. Maids of the Black Glen
  190. Forest Lodge
  191. Queen's Welcome to Dee Side (The)
  192. Lord James Murray's Reel
  193. Highland society of London's strathspey
  194. Highland Society of London's reel
  195. Bridge of Perth
  196. Cabar Féidh
  197. Prince Arthur's Strathspey
  198. Rejected Lover (1) (The)
  199. Tulloch Gorum*
  200. Dinna Think Bonnie Lassie
  201. Night that I was in Glasgow
  202. Sir J. MacKenzie's Reel
  203. Doctor of Coll's Reel (The)
  204. Glen Where the Deer Is (The)
  205. Ghlass Ault (The)
  206. I will never do the like again
  207. There is Your Pipes
  208. Islay Reel (An)
  209. Macdougall's Jig
  210. Ball that was in Oban (The)
  211. East Wood Cottage
  212. Black Haired Girl (The)
  213. Watterneish
  214. Captain Duff's Reel
  215. Lads of Mull (The)
  216. Neil Gow's Reel
  217. Bow more
  218. Man's a Man for a' That (A)
  219. Glen Where My Love Is (The)
  220. Colonel MacDougall of Dunolly's Reel
  221. Birk hall
  222. 72nd Highlander's Farewell to Punna (The)
  223. Reel of Tulloch (The)