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Annotation:Drunken Wives of Carlisle (The)

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'''DRUNKEN WIVES OF CARLISLE'''. AKA and see "[[Gi'e the Mawking mair o't]]," "[[Gi'e the canty carle mair o't]]," "[[I saw my love come passing by]]," "[[I saw my love come passing by me]]," "[[My love comes passing by me]]." Scottish, Reel. Scotland, Lowlands. G Mixolydian (Johnson/Sinkler): G Major (Riddell). Standard tuning (fiddle). ABCDEFG. A double tonic tune (based on two adjacent major chords) composed for the lowland pipes from the early-mid eighteenth century. The title comments on the comportment of the Cumbrian (Borders) town of Carlisle's women, although there were other tunes dedicated to the "Drunken Wives" of various locales.

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