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|[[File:JSSRichard Preston Teetotal.jpg|200px400px|thumb|left|thumb|link=Bovaglie%27s_PlaidAnnotation:Teetotaller's_Reel|'''BOVAGLIETEETOTALER'S PLAIDREEL''']] || [[File:BovaglieThe Teetotallers Reel - Shane Farrell Banjo.mp3|thumb|left|The Teetotaller's PlaidReel]] {{break|2}} [[File:Temperance Reel.mp3|thumb|left|Bovaglie's Plaid Temperance Reel {{break}}Adam Taylor (SoundCloud)Concert at Ed fortuna's House around 2003]] || [[File:Bovaglies_PlaidThe_Teetotallers_Reel.pdf|page=1|thumb|left|200px|BovaglieThe Teetotaller's PlaidReel]]|| JuneSeptember, 16 201011 2019
|[[File:KempsJig.jpg|300px|left|thumb|link=Annotation:Kemp's_Jig|'''KEMP'S JIG''']] || [[File:Kemp's Jig.mp3|thumb|left|Kemp's Jig {{break}}Played: Mark Farley {{break}}(Source: SoundCloud)]] || [[File:Kemps_Jig.pdf|page=1|thumb|left|200px|Kemp's Jig]]|| April, 8 2012|-|[[File:JSS.jpg|200px|left|thumb|link=Annotation:Bovaglie's Plaid|'''BOVAGLIE'S PLAID''']] || [[File:Bovaglie's Plaid.mp3|thumb|left|Bovaglie's Plaid {{break}}Adam Taylor (SoundCloud)]] || [[File:Bovaglies_Plaid.pdf|page=1|thumb|left|200px|Bovaglie's Plaid]]|| June, 16 2010|-|[[File:The-lass-of-richmond-hill-song-paxton-edition-no-123.jpg|200px|left|thumb|link=Annotation:Lass_of_Richmond_Hill_(The)|'''THE LASS OF RICHMOND HILL''']]|| [[File:The Lass of Richmod Hill-Choir.mp3|thumb|left|The Lass of Richmond Hill {{break}}Owl Parliament (SoundCloud)]] [[File:The Lass of Richmond Hill.mp3|thumb|left|The Lass of Richmond Hill {{break}}Len Charnok (SoundCloud)]] || [[File:The Lass of Richmond Hill.pdf|page=1|thumb|left|200px|The Lass of Richmond Hill]]|| September, 12 2012
|[[File:Sir_William_Sidney_Smith.jpg|400px|thumb|link=Annotation:Sir Sidney Smith March|left|'''SIR SIDNEY SMITH'S MARCH''']] || [[File:Sir Sidney Smith's March.mp3|thumb|left|'''Played''' by Chris Ormston, ...''as played in duet by Henry & Tom Clough. {{break}}'Young' Tom Clough wanted to perform this wth him, but became ill and sadly died before them had a chance to record it. Chris plays Tom Clough's pipes now, so the tradition lives!'' {{break}} '''Origin''': SoundCloud]] || [[File:Sir Sidney Smith March.pdf|page=1|thumb|left|200px|Sir Sidney Smith March]]|| September, 29 2016
|[[File:Tracy Newman .png|200px|left|thumb|link=Annotation:Cripple Creek|'''CRIPPLE CREEK''': In 1965, Tracy Newman did 6 episodes of a public TV series for children called "What's New." She presented folk songs from all over the world, and many instruments, to the best of her ability at the time.]] || [[File:Cripple Creek on the banjo by Tracy Newman.mp3|thumb|left|Cripple Creek on the banjo played by Tracy Newman]]|| [[File:CrippleCreek.pdf|page=1|thumb|left|200px|Cripple Creek]]|| 15 August 2010
|[[Old_Dan_Tucker|OLD DAN TUCKER]] || [[File:Old Dan Tucker.mp3|thumb|left|'''Old Dan Tucker''']]|| [[File:Old Dan Tucker.pdf|page=1|thumb|left|200px|Old Dan Tucher]]|| 18 January 2011

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