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Country: England Scotland Ireland Canada United States
Genre/Style: Bluegrass Cape Breton/PEI Cajun/Creole Contest Contra Down-East/Maritime English Guachi Irish Metis Military Morris Native North American Northumbrian/Borders Old-Time Pipe Quèbècios/Acadian Scandinavian Scottish Shetland/Orkney Texas/Oklahoma Welsh
Meter/Rhythm: Air/Lament/Listening Piece Barn Dance Blues Country Dance Country Rag Fling Galop/Galope Ganger G‰ngl‰t Gigue Hambo Halling Highland Hopsa Hornpipe/Clog Jig/Quadrille March/Marche Mazurka Minuet Pibroch Polka Quadrille/Kadrilj Reel (6/4 time) Reel (single/double) Set Dance Slide Slip/Hop Jig Schottische/Schottis/Jennkka/Reinlander Strathspey Triple Hornpipe Two-Step Varsovienne Waltz/Valse/Vals Waltz-Clog
Key: Tonic: 
Time signature: 4/4 2/4 2/2 3/2 3/4 3/8 6/4 6/8 9/4 9/8 12/8
History: IRELAND(Munster) IRELAND(Connaught) IRELAND(Leinster) IRELAND(Ulster) SCOTLAND(Argyll and Bute) SCOTLAND(Perth and Kinross) SCOTLAND(Dumfries and Galloway) SCOTLAND(South Ayrshire) SCOTLAND(North East) SCOTLAND(North East) SCOTLAND(Highland) SCOTLAND(Shetland/Orkney) SCOTLAND(Angus and Fife) SCOTLAND(Central Scotland) SCOTLAND(Western Isles) SCOTLAND(Moray) ENGLAND(North East) ENGLAND(North West) ENGLAND(West Midlands) ENGLAND(East Anglia) ENGLAND(South Midlands) ENGLAND(London and South East) ENGLAND(South) ENGLAND(Southwest) ENGLAND(Wales) USA(Upland South) USA(Piedmont) USA(Southeast) USA(Deep South) USA(Central) USA(Mid Atlantic) USA(New England) USA(Great Lakes/Northern Tier) USA(Ozarks/Western Tenn) USA(Southwest) USA(Western/Pacific) CANADA(Maritimes/English) CANADA(Acadia/French) CANADA(Newfoundland/Labrador) CANADA(Québec) CANADA(Ottawa Valley/Ontario) CANADA(Western Canada)