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  • .... E Dorian. Standard tuning (fiddle). AA'BB'. A distanced variant of "[[Drunken Piper (1)]]" and "[[Drunken Reel]]," and related to "[[Pigeon on the Gate (1)]]."
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  • ...ennedy, Raven): AABB' (Martin, Perlman). The tune is a standard among many Cape Breton fiddlers and pipers. See also William Ross's pipe march "[[Highland Rory (2)]]" and the Donegal variant "[[March of the ...n's recording at the Internet Archive [] (1st tune in medley, paired with "[[Miss Forbes’ Farewell to Banff]]" and
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  • '''DRUNKEN PIPER [3], THE'''. English, Dance Tune (9/8 time). England, Northumberland. An unusually-timed 9/8 piece
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  • ...part). Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. Related to "[[Pigeon on the Gate (2)]]." See also "[[Drunken Piper (2)]]." Feldman & O'Doherty's source for the tune, fiddler Peter Turbit of south County Tyrone, had
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  • ...Dorian) is his '''Man and His Music''' article on Seamus Ennis, from 1982. A similar tune called "[[Drunken Tailor (The)]]" was recorded by accordionist Michael Grogan and fiddler John Howard in 1946. <br> ...them from his father, a piper taught by Nicholas Markey who in turn had been taught by the renowned piper and pipemaker Billy Taylor of Drogheda and later Philadelphia [Breathnach]; New Jersey flute player
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  • (Campbell): A Minor (Aird). Standard tuning (fiddle). AAB (Aird): AABCCDE. A companion piece to "Drunken Wives of Carlisle," written in the latter 18th century, this time commenting on a northeast Scottish ''The drunken wives of Fochabers''<br> his own large mid-19th century music manuscript collection (vol. iii, p. 166) under the title “Drunken Wives of Lochaber [sic]" in a section of Scottish tunes.
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  • collection of County Cork cleric and uilleann piper [[biography:James Goodman]]. Elias Howe's "[[Drunken Ganger's (The)]]" is a version of the tune, with the parts reversed.
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  • ...e “[[Dunreavy Park]],” “[[Here's Good Health to the Piper]],” "[[Piper's Fancy (2)]]," “[[Piper's Whim (1)]].” Irish, Scottish, English; Country Dance Tune and Jig (9/8 time). England; London, N The tune is identified as 'Irish' in James S. Kerr's c. 1880's collection, and “Piper’s Maggot” has been called a 9/8 setting of “[[Chorus Jig (5)]]” (aka – “[[Kilfenora Jig ...illustrates the consequences of imbibing too many ‘piper’s maggots’. It is called “The Bag-Piper in Tottenham-Court Road,” and refers to a statue that once stood in a garden there: ...s dog and keg of'' ''liquor by his side; the latter of which stands upon a neat stone pedestal. The piper (as represented in the statue) had his'' ''constant stand at the bottom of Holborn, near St. Andrew' ...le intention that our Scotch musician should share the usual'' ''brief ceremonies of interment. The piper's faithful dog protested against this seizure of his master, and attempted to prevent'' ''the uncere ...og, had'' ''soon the effect of awakening our drunken musician from his trance. It was dark, and the piper, when he first recovered himself,'' ''could form no idea either of his numerous companions or of his ...l to rights; lights were got; and it turned out that the noisy corpse was'' ''the well-known living piper, who was joyfully released from his awful and perilous situation.'' ...pers Maggott”). O’Neill ('''Waifs and Strays of Gaelic Melody'''), 1922; No. 192 (appears as “Piper’s Whim”).
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  • '''DRUNKEN SAILOR [1], THE'''. AKA and see "[[Goodman's Quadrilles Figure 2]].' English, Country Dance Tune (2/ ...ered into the large mid-19th century music manuscript collection of County Cork cleric and uilleann piper Canon James Goodman (see "[[Goodman's Quadrilles Figure 2]]." Edison 51548 (78 RPM), 1923, John Baltzell (appears as 1st tune of "Drunken Sailor Medley" {Baltzell was a native of Mt. Vernon, Ohio, as was minstrel Dan Emmett (d. 1904). Emm
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  • '''DRUNKEN GAUGER [1], THE''' (An Tuiséara ar a Mheisce). Irish, Set Dance (6/8). Ireland, County Clare. G Ma ...inated into local, isolated traditions in Ireland by visiting musicians. It is remembered that "The Drunken Gouger" was introduced into the Kilmaley-Connolly, Clare, area "from the repertoire of dancing-maste
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  • '''DRUNKEN SAILOR [3], THE''' (Mairnealac Meisceamail). AKA and see "[[Groves (The)]]." Irish, Hornpipe. G Dori ...ddlecase Tunebook: British Isles'''), 1989; p. 17. Vallely ('''Learn to Play the Fiddle with Armagh Pipers Club'''), 197?; No. 54, p. 46.
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  • ...ld woman's consort" in a manuscript from Ballydesmond area, County Cork. The air is related to “[[Drunken Gauger (1)]] and “[[Munster Rake (The)]]” family on one hand and to the "[[Foxhunter's Jig (2) (
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  • ''Source for notated version'': the mid-19th cent. music manuscript collection of uilleann piper and Church of Ireland cleric James Goodman [ ''Printed sources'': Shields ('''Tunes of the Munster Pipers'''), 1999; No. 141, p. 59.
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  • ...l does not appear in the Bunting, Petrie or Joyce Collections, it was pretty generally known to the pipers and fiddlers of Chicago, hailing from the west, and south of Ireland and always by the same name (i ...e Grae finds related tunes in “[[Dan McCart(h)y’s Fancy]],” “[[Drunken Piper (2)]],” “[[Drunken Reel]],” and “[[Old Pigeon on the Gate]].” There are also similarities to "[[Pride of the Ball Vallely ('''Learn to Play the Fiddle with Armagh Pipers Club'''), 197?; No. 44, p. 39.
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  • ...ems/raretunes_411_drunken-piper-2/raretuneshutdrun.mp3] (2nd tune in medley, paired with "[[Drunken Piper (1)]]" and "[[De'il in the Kitchen]]").
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  • ...[[My Dearie Sits Ower Late Up]]." The first strain was employed for Swarbrick/McCarthy's "[[Drunken Piper (3)]]". ''Printed sources'': '''Northumbrian Pipers' Tune Book''', vol. 2; p. 71. Bruce & Stokoe ('''Northumbrian Minstrelsy'''), 1882; p. 151.
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  • '''EAST NEUK OF FIFE'''. AKA and see "[[She Gripped at the Greatest On't]]," "[[Drunken Piper (4) (The)]]," "[[Green Grow the Rushes O]]" (Bayard, 1981;No. 206H–M). Scottish (originally), Shet ...n Fife ms.), and in the c. 1785 (p. 114) music manuscript collection of John Sutherland, a pastoral piper from Aberdeenshire.
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  • ...k north of Irvine, about 21 miles south of Glasgow. See also the similar first strain of "[[Drunken Piper (1)]]."
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  • ...a list of tunes in his repertoire brought by Philip Goodman, the last professional and traditional piper in Farney, Louth, to the Feis Ceoil in Belfast in 1898 (Breathnach, 1997). The earliest appearance i ...lancy (1918-1973, Miltown Malbay, west Clare) [Mitchell]; piper Patrick Touhey (Chicago) [O'Neill]; piper James Early (Chicago) [O'Neill]. ''Recorded sources'': <font color=teal>Drumlin Records, Brian McNamara - "A Piper's Dream" (2000). Topic Records, Michael Hanafin (et al) - "Past Masters of Irish Music" (reissue of
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  • in Arréir dTigh an Óil]]," "[[Tiggit along the Room]]," “The Virgin Queen,” "[[Welcome the Piper]].” Irish, Slip Jig (9/8 time). G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AAB (most versions): AABB (Kenn ...lector Henry Hudson under the title "[[Silly Old Man]]" AKA "[[Girls Take Care How You Marry]]." "[[Drunken Ganger's (The)]]" in '''Ryan's Mammoth Collection''' (1883) is also cognate, as its its twin (with p ...s for notated versions''</font>: - “From Mrs. Close” [Stanford/Petrie]; Bothy Band [Sullivan]; (piper Sgt. James) "Early" [O'Neill]]. ...rish Traditional Music, Book Two'''), 1999; p. 41. Vallely ('''Learn to Play the Fiddle with Armagh Pipers Club'''), 197?; No. 29, p. 29.
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