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  • '''Back to [[{{BASEPAGENAME}}]]''' <p><font face="garamond, serif" size="4"> ...usehold, and it is fortunate that the Duke was an enthusiastic supporter and patron of Marshall's music. ...rshall's employer. Marshall's jig commemorates the birth of the Duke's grandson. Lord Alexander Russell died in 1907, at Wood Eaton, Oxford. ...ap.jpg|200px|thumb|left|Sir Edwin Landseer (1802-1873). The First Leap: Lord Alexander Russell on his Pony "Emerald".]] From Queen Victoria's journal of her trips to Balmoral, Scotland, Sept. 4, 1860: ...he monument to the late Duke of Gordon is'' ''conspicuously seen on a hill, which was perfectly crimson with heather.''<br> ...ur right, celebrated, as seems most probable, from the Marquis of Argyll having halted there with his army.''
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