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  • ...known by and much admired by Gow--see his exceptional elegiac air “[[Lamentation for James Moray of Abercarney]].” ...1887; p. 60. Stewart-Robertson ('''The Athole Collection'''), 1884; p. 118. Surenne ('''Dance Music of Scotland'''), 1852; pp. 134-135.
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  • ...piobraireached "[[Abercairney's Salute]]" was composed as a result, as explained by the MacArthurs of Skye website []: ''This connexion produced a friendship and many reciprocal visits, and Abercairny became very fond of '' ''and much improved the mansion, a grand dinner was given, when every one praised the elegance of the new '' ''(Abercairny), "altogether complete; one thing is wanting to render them so, to some of us perhaps-Charles '' ''MacArthur, to animate the feast with his presence, and with the stirring notes of his great Pipe." '' [[File:Abercairney.JPG|200px|thumb|right|James Moray of Abercairney, c. 1739, by Jeremiah Davison]] ''from the time when James Moray, of Abercairney, the first man who established fox-hounds in '' of his father's best slow airs (Baptie, '''Musical Scotland: Past and Present''', 1972). It is often followed by the strathspey "Kilravock" or "Kilrack." Gow played the piece, among others, for Robe
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