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  • ...The tune was copied by Alexander Campbell in 1815 for his book '''Albyn's Anthology''' from Captain Neil McLeod of Gesto's manuscript collection of pibrochs, as performed by the famous piping dynasty of th
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  • ...mposer Niel Gow (1727-1807, note correct spelling of his first name) was predeceased by his brother Donald (birth and death dates unknown), who regularly accompanied Niel on the cello. The title is sometimes
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  • ...ce. The men would in turn fire their muskets and call upon the (non-existent) Camerons, Frasers, MacDonalds and other clans to advance, sending Loudon's forces into a panic. The luckless MacCrimmon (sometime ...verurie, two months before his death, pipers in the Jacobite army (many of whom had been trained by Donald himself) went on strike and refused to play until he was given his freedom. ...r the Highlands. The story is told that the course at one time lasted seven years (Collinson, 1975; Neil, 1991). ''Printed sources'': MacDonald ('''The Skye Collection'''), 1887; p. 182. Neil ('''The Scots Fiddle'''), 1991; No. 160, p. 207 (appears as "Cha Till MacCruimen").
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  • source, this song was supposedly written by the Gaelic bard and adventurer Domhnall Donn (Brown Donald) for an illegitimate daughter, who paid him a visit while he was awaiting execution in 1691. In the ...g to Donald Donn. However, he had much more to say about the author in his '''Ossian Collection: Macdonald bards from mediaeval times''' (1900, pp. 22-23), reproduced here: ''DOMHNULL DONN (BROWN DONALD). Donald MacDonald, poet and politician, commonly called " Donald Donn,"'' ''was of the house of Bohnntin and Aberarder, a branch of the MacDonalds of Keppoch, the second son'' ''of John MacDonald, fourth of Bohnntin, and uncle to Gilleasbuig of Keppoch. His mother Avas a'' ''daughter of Cameron of Glenmailie. Donald was not on friendly terms with his chief. Coll of Keppoch,'' ''his poverty, though of high lineage. The poet and his lady-love having planned an elopement, Donald'' ''was to remain until Miss Grant was able to join him, but Donald's secret and retreat were betrayed to''
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  • ...on, Sweet, Tubridy): C Major (Martin/1990). Standard tuning (fiddle). AAB (Dunlay & Greenberg, Gow, Neil): AABB (most versions). Neil (1991) relates a well-known anecdote about Gow and his quick wit, and which also possibly refers to ...n was transformed into dance versions at faster tempos. Cape Breton variations are thought to be by Donald John "the Tailor" Beaton, according to Doug MacPhee (Dunlay & Greenberg); the tune is played as a sl <font color=red>''Sources for notated versions''</font>: - Mary (Beaton) Macdonald (Cape Breton) [Dunlay & Greenberg, Dunlay & Reich]; Strathspey (New England) [Brody]; accordion play ...991; No. 99, p. 134. O'Neill ('''O'Neill's Irish Music'''), 1915; No. 103, p. 57 (march version). O'Neill ('''Music of Ireland: 1850 Melodies'''), 1903; No. 1825, p. 343 (march version). Perlman ('''The Fi
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  • ...ection of Newest and Best Reels''' (p.11), although John Glen (1891) finds the earliest printing in Neil Stewart's 1761 collection (p. 44). A Cape Breton bagpipe setting was printed by Barry Shears in his ..."[[Connolly's Reel]]." "Grieg's Pipes" appears in the Sutherland manuscript from County Leitrim. O'Neill (1922) remarks: ...inclined to plagiarism, and from the fact that the tune in question had been previously printed by Neil'' ''Stewart in 1762 and as early as 1779 by Joshua Campbell "in a Collection of Reels composed by hi ...notated versions'': accordionist Sonny Brogan (County Sligo/Dublin, Ireland) [Breathnach]; Mary MacDonald (Cape Breton) [Dunlay & Greenberg]; John Clancy (Bronx, New York) [Mulvihill]; Hughie McPhee (b. 192 O'Neill ('''Waifs and Strays of Gaelic Melody'''), 1922; No. 288. Celtic SCX 57, Dan R. MacDonald et al – "The Fiddlers of Cape Breton." Rodeo RLP 59, Dan R. MacDonald – "Fiddling to Fortune with..." Rounder Records, John L. MacDonald – "Formerly of Foot Cape Road: Scottish Fiddle Music in the Classic Inverness County Style" (2005)
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  • ...hering; allaying the fears of those assembled, however, the canny Macdonald declared that 'Where Macdonald sits, that is the head of the table.' Cape Breton versions are generally played in C Major. The piec ...ry Melodies, vol. 2'''); No. 170, p. 20. Martin ('''Traditional Scottish Fiddling'''), 2002; p. 79. Neil ('''The Scots Fiddle'''), 1991; No. 128, p. 167 (appears as "Glengarry"). Perlman ('''The Fiddle Mus
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  • ...ristian Montgomery's Hornpipe]]"). Lady Christian's sister, Lady Margaret, married Sir Alexander MacDonald of the Isles, establishing a connection between the families in Perthshire, the foothills of the Hig J. Murray Neil (1991) relates: ...'The Skye Collection'''), 1887; p. 157. Martin ('''Traditional Scottish Fiddling'''), 2002; p. 112. Neil ('''The Scots Fiddle'''), 1991; No. 97, p. 131. Perlman ('''The Fiddle Music of Prince Edward Island ''Recorded sources'': <font color=teal>Rounder Records, Donald Maclellan - "The Dusky Meadow" (2003). Rounder 7057, Jerry Holland - "Parlor Music" (2005). Rounder
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  • ...led "[[A' Chaora Ruadh]]" ([[Red Sheep (The)]]), and a verse by Cape Breton storyteller Joe Neil MacNeil can be found in the booklet accompanying Topic 12TS354. A pipe setting is to be found in the music m ...las Lawrence of Buckie, a student of Hector MacAndrew's (Scotland) [Hunter]; Margaret (Chisholm) MacDonald (Cape Breton) [Dunlay & Greenberg]; Peter Chaisson, Jr. (b. 1942, Bear River, North-East Kings Count ...rdon"). J. Kenyon Lees ('''The Balmoral Reel Book'''), c. 1910; p. 17 (as "The Duke of Gordon"). MacDonald ('''The Skye Collection'''), 1887; p. 99. Marshall, Fiddlecase Edition, 1978; '''1822 Collection''', ...acInnis - "The Cape Breton Fiddle of...(1962. Appears as "Duke of Gordon"). Rodeo RLP 75, John A MacDonald - "Marches, Strathspeys, Reels & Jigs of the Cape Breton Scot." Rounder 7003, John Campbell - "Cape
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  • ...pearance of "The Earl of Mansfield" was). Under the title "The Prophet" it was published in 1903 by Donald MacPhedran. It has been introduced to New England repertoire as a vehicle for contra dancing, perhap ...le'''), vol. 2, 1988; p. 39. Miller & Perron ('''New England Fiddlers Repertoire'''), 1983; No. 55. Neil ('''The Scots Fiddle'''), 1991; No. 126, p. 165.
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  • ...McFadden's Jig (2)]]" (first strain only). Gatherer's (1987) first version is a pipe tune, as is Neil's (1991). See also the cognates "[[Old Grey Cat]]," "[[Smuggler's Reel]]," the jig "[[Rollicking Boy ...91; p. 19. Miller ('''Fiddler's Throne'''), 2004; No. 57, p. 45 (appears as "Hills of Glenurchie"). Neil ('''The Scots Fiddle'''), 1991; No. 124, p. 163. '''Ryan's Mammoth Collection''', 1883; p. 92. '''S Rodeo (Banff) RBS 1255, Barabara MacDonald – "Scottish Piano Selections" (appears in "Medley of Jigs"). Celtic CX049 CX 1, (various artists) Donald & Theresa MacLellan/The MacLellan Trio – "Cape Breton Violins" (appears after "There Came a Young
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  • ...ied within a short period of one another and Fort Augustus lost two of its outstanding characters" (Neil, 1991). Neil ('''The Scots Fiddle'''), 1991; No. 85, p. 115.
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  • '''MARRY KETTY.''' AKA and see "[[Highland Donald (2)]]," "[[Wha Wad’na Fecht for Charlie]]," "[[Will Ye Go and Marry Ketty?]]," "[[Will You Go to M The tune is older than the '''Museum''', having been printed in Robert Bremner's 1764 collection and Neil Stewart's 1761 collection, but so is the lyric, which was lightly touched by Burns. It earlier appea ''Source for notated version'': Neil Stewart's Collection [Moffat].
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  • ...rtently kills his sweetheart while she is bathing, mistaking her for a duck. A similar story, notes Neil, is the basis for the ballet "Swan Lake." The lyric begins: ''Printed sources'': Kennedy-Fraser ('''Songs of the Hebrides'''), 1909; p. 76. Neil ('''The Scots Fiddle'''), 1991; No. 154, p. 199.
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  • ...low Air (6/8 time). D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AAB (Cranford/Holland, Gow, Hunter, Johnson, Neil): AABB' (Perlman). This air is one of the most celebrated compositions of the famous Scots fiddler a ...d played cello for Niel Gow after the death of Gow's brother Donald, his former accompanist, and MacDonald published his "Miss Graham" in 1789, so there seems to have been ample opportunity for the musical m ...tly Irish Airs'''), 1985 (revised 2000); p. 19. Martin ('''Ceol na Fidhle, vol. 1'''), 1991; p. 15. Neil ('''The Scots Fiddle'''), 1991; No. 98, p. 133. Perlman ('''The Fiddle Music of Prince Edward Island
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  • ...'s first temporary residence was the house of Angus MacDonald, a tenant at the farm belonging to MadDonald of Clanranald. The title takes its name from the legend that, at the very moment the famous royal re ...before the small contingent of Highlanders, who cheered and shouted, before handing it to Donald MacDonald, brother of Keppoch, who was the first standard-bearer.
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  • Fuld (1966) finds the earliest printings of the tune under the title "Irish Washerwoman" to be in Neil Gow's '''A Third Collection of Strathspey Reels &c for the Piano-forte, Violin and Violoncello''' (1 the United States, says Paul Gifford. O'Neill printed the tune as "Irishwoman" in his 1915 '''O'Neill's Irish Music''', presumably editing out the word 'washer' in the title because he found it demeani ...the 20th century in Cape Breton a solo dance called The Irish Washerwoman was in the repertoire of Donald Beaton, an itinerant tailor and an influential dancer and fiddler in the region around Mabou. It ori O'Neill ('''O'Neill's Irish Music'''), 1915; No. 164, p. 91 (appears as "The Irishwoman"). O'Neill ('''Dance Music of Ireland: 1001 Gems'''), 1986; No. 317, p. 67.
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  • Joshua Campbell's 1778 collection (p. 6), although J. Murdoch Henderson (1935) cites the tune in Neil Stewart's 1762 collection. Versions can be found with the given name in the title variously 'Willie' ...pository, Part 4'''), 1817; p. 30. Kerr ('''Merry Melodies, vol. 3'''), c. 1880's; No. 42, p. 7. MacDonald ('''The Skye Collection'''), 1887; p. 131. McGlashan ('''A Collection of Reels'''), c. 1786; p. 18 ( ''Recorded sources'': <font color=teal>Joe and J.P. Cormier - "Velvet Arm, Golden Hand." Donald MacLellan - "The Dusky Meadow." </font>
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  • ...s the same person honored in the title "[[Miss Williamson of Polmont’s Reel]]," another tune in McDonald's collections. ''Printed sources'': Glen ('''The Glen Collection of Scottish Music'''), vol. 1, 1891; p. 29. MacDonald ('''Collection of Strathspey Reels, vol. 1'''); p. 12.
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  • ...AABBCCDD (Kerr, McGlashan). John Glen (1891) finds the earliest appearance of the tune in print in Neil Stewart's 1761 collection, printed in Edinburgh (p. 48). It is a popular pipe tune, reset in the key ''Recorded sources'': <font color=teal>Imperial S-114 (78 RPM), Pipe Major John Donald MacDonald, 1st Battn. Scots Guards (1930). Rounder 82161-7032-2, Bill Lamey – “From Cape Breton to Boston
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