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  • ...lizabeth, and married at the ate of fifteen in 1755. She died at Edinburgh in 1787, after which Sir Archibald took a second wife.
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  • ...he)]] (early 18th century)," "[[Dannsa Gaelach]]," "[[Grant of Mony Musk]]," "[[Sir Archibald Grant of Monemusk's Reel]]." Scottish (originally), English, Irish, Canadian, Old-Time, American; Reel, Strat [[File:monymusk.jpg|400px|thumb|left|Monymusk House, by James William Giles, 1848.]] ...Monymusk House, long in the possession of the Grant family. 'Moneymusk' is the 'Englished' version of the Gaelic words ''Muine muisc'' meaning a 'noxious weed or bush'. music researchers Fleischmann & Ó Súilleabháin, however, cite Joshua Campbell's '''Collection of New Reels and Highland Strathspeys''' (1786) as the first publication with the melody. ...002) uses the tune as an example of one of the vehicles for a foursome reel, and says "Monymusk" is often used for dancing the Highland Fling. ...s of his ilk. Some Scottish fiddlers became skilled enough on their instruments to vary the playing of 'traditional' tunes and venture further afield musically than the usual 'fiddle keys'. When Jamie Du ...y to the high-rhythm, house-dance variant, The Highland." Donegal fiddlers play the tune in the key of 'A' Major. "[[Peeler's Pocket (The)]]" is a related Irish reel. ...a history of Romanian music by Poslusnicu gives that "Money Musk" (recorded as "Manimasca") was one of the dances at a nobleman's ball in Bucovina, Moldavia, sometime after 1812, and that the music was n
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  • ...f the Leslies, located in lower Glen Fiddich, near Rothes in the Spey valley.. Within the west wing of Kininvie House is a square tower which may date back to 1480, but whose walls were reconstructed in ..., was commissioner to Sir Archibald Grant of Monymusk, the subject of the tune famously known as "[[Monymusk]]/[[Money Musk]]."
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  • |f_place_of_birth=Kirkmichael??, Perthshire |f_place_of_death=Edinburgh |f_year_of_birth=1732 |f_year_of_death=1783 |f_profile=Collector, Composer, Musician ...Early Scottish Musicians and Musicsellers", by John Glen, from a forward to '''The Glen Collection of ...een at some expense in perfecting himself under the best masters,” may possibly have been'' ''one of Dow’s pupils.'' ''Dow appears to have been a man of considerable energy and attainments. His concerts were usually held in St. Mary’s'' ''Hall, Niddr
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