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  • '''MY APRON DEARIE.''' AKA - "My Apron, Deary," "My apron now," "My sheep I neglected." Scottish, Air (3/4 time). C Major (most versions): A Major (Davie, Mulhollan). Standa ...can be found as "My apron now" in John Watts' '''The Musical Miscellany, vol. 3''' (London, 1730), "My Apron, Deary" (Song 32) in William Thomson's '''Orpheus Caledonius, vol. 1''' (1733), John Osborn's ''A soldier and his mistress were walking astray;''<br> ''I heard a lass cry, "My apron now!''<br> ''And my belly bears up my apron now.''<br> ''And yet you cry out, my apron now!''<br>
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  • ...lso in the repertoire of Grayson County, Virginia, clawhammer banjo player Vester Jones. As "Old Jimmy Sutton" the song/tune was in the repertoire of Grayson & Whitter who recorded it in the early 20th c ''Kill Jimmy Sutton as dead as mutton.''<br> ''Sheep met a billy-goat going to pasture.''<br> ''Sheep said "Goat, can't you go a little faster?"''<br> ''Sheep fell down and skinned his chin''<br> ''And I hate to lose to old Jimmy Sutton.''<br> ''Sheep met a billy-goat going to pasture.''<br> ''Sheep said "Goat, can't you go a little faster?''<br>
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  • ''weight. From the burns which empty themselves in the upper districts, I have known my friend'' ''John Wilson, Jun., of Elbray, to capture, with the worm, twelve dozen in the course of an'' he did not claim it, and the melody was inserted into the '''Orpheus Caledonius''' (1725), along with the same stanzas that later appeared in Johnson's '''Scots Musical Museum'''. Ramsay's lyric begins: ''At glowming when the sheep drave hame,''<br> ''I met my lassie braw and tight,''<br> ''My heart grew light, I ran, I flang''<br> ''My arms about her lily-neck,''<br> ''My words they were na mony, feck.''<br>
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  • ...Montgolfier brothers, who launched a balloon on the Continent in September, 1783, which conveyed a sheep, duck, and rooster in a hot-air balloon in a demonstration for King Louis XVI of France. He was even It's to flee without wings i' the air,''<br> The lanes were a' crouded, some riding, some walking,''<br> Aw ne'er see'd the like iv my life;''<br> It's myed of, an' Lord! what a wonderful seet,''<br> The thowt, by my jinkers! was funny.''<br> Wiv stuff that wad myed a dog sick,''<br>
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