Trumpet Hornpipe (2)

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Trumpet Hornpipe (2)

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 Theme code Index   1131H 5L5L7L5
 Also known as    Crannciuil Earglain, Lord Nelson's Hornpipe (3), Reel du courrier
 Composer/Core Source    
 Region    England, Ireland, Scotland
 Genre/Style    English, Irish, Scottish
 Meter/Rhythm    Hornpipe/Clog, Reel (single/double)
 Key/Tonic of    G
 Accidental    1 sharp
 Mode    Ionian (Major)
 Time signature    2/2, 2/4
 Structure    AABB
 Editor/Compiler    James S. Kerr
 Book/Manuscript title    Merry Melodies vol. 1
 Tune and/or Page number    No. 27, p. 45
 Year of publication/Date of MS    c. 1880
 Title of recording    
 Record label/Catalogue nr.    
 Year recorded    
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Trumpet Hornpipe (2): Annotations

X: 1 T:Trumpet Hornpipe,aka. GS.091 M:2/2 L:1/8 Q:180 S:George Spencer m/s, Leeds,1831 R:Hornpipe O:England A:Leeds H:1831 Z:vmp.Cherri Graebe F: K:G major GG G2 GG G2 | BGBd gdBG | DD D2 DD D2 | FDFA cAFD| GG G2 GG G2 |BGBd gdBG |gbag fed^c | d2d2d2z2 :| |: dd d2 dd d2 | gaba gfed |edef gdcB | ABcG FEDC | B,GDG EGDG | B,GDG EGDG | cedc BAGF | G2G2G2z2 :||

X: 1 T:Trumpet Hornpipe. WHL.[071], The B:W.H.Lister MS, East Boldon, c1850 Z:Village Music Project 2017 Mike Hicken N: This tune is written upside down at the bottom of the page in the Ms. M:C| L:1/8 Q:1/4=120 K:Eb D|[EG,]>[EG,] [E2G,2] [EG,]>[EG,] E2|GEGB eBGE|B,>B, B,2 B,>B, B,2|DB,DF AFDB,| [EG,]>[EG,] [E2G,2] [EG,]>[EG,] [E2G,2]| GEGB eBGB|Bgfe dcB=A|B2B2B2 || GA|B>B !trill!B2 B>B !trill!B2|Begf edcB|cBcB AGFE|FGFE EDCB,| CEB,E A,EG,E|CEB,E A,EG,E|ABAF GFED|F2 [E2G,2][E2G,2] |]

X: 1 T:Trumpet Hornpipe aka. EHo.018 M:C| L:1/8 Q:1/4=140 B:Edward Holmes MS, East Riding Archives, Beverley DDX114/21 R:.hornpipe O:Yorkshire, East Riding Z:vmp.R.Greig 2011 F: 2019-04-12 173736 UT K:Eb E2|(3EEEE2(3EEEE2|EGBe eBGE|(3B,B,B,B,2(3B,B,B,B,2|B,DFA AFDB,| (3EEEE2(3EEEE2|EGBe eBGE|F2e2dcB=A|B2B2B2:| |:F2|(3BBBB2(3BBBB2|Bdfb bfdB|cded cBAG|FGAG FEDC| CEB,E CEB,E|CEB,E CEB,E|B,2A2GFED|E2E2E2:|

X:1 T:Trumpet Hornpipe [2] M:C| L:1/8 R:Hornpipe B: Köhler’s Violin Repository, Book One (1881, p. 44) Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:Eb (3EEE E2 (3EEE E2|GEGB eBGE|(3B,B,B, B,2 (3B,B,B, B,2|DB,DF AFDB,| (3EEE E2 (3EEE E2|GEGB eBGc|B>(gf>)(e d>)(cB>)=A|1 B=A dc BA_AF:|2 [D2B][D2B2][D2B2]z2| |:(3BBB B2 (3BBB B2|(c>d)e>d (c>B)A>G|(A>G)A>B (c>A)F>E|(D>E){G}F>E (D>B,)C>D| (3EE E2 CEB,E|(3EEE E2 CEB,E|A>(cB>)(A G>)(FE>)D|[G,2E2][B,2G2][G,2E2]z2:||

X: 1 T:Trumpet Hornpipe (Craig 16) M:C L:1/8 B:Empire Violin Collection of Hornpipes H:Published by Thomas Craig H:Music Publisher, &c. H:George Street, Aberdeen, N.B. Z:Peter Dunk December 2011 R:hornpipe Q:1/4=140 F: K:G (3GGG G2 (3GGG G2 | BGBd gdBG | (3DDD D2 (3DDD D2 | FDFA cAFD |! (3GGG G2 (3GGG G2 | BGBd g2g2 | fbag fed^c | d2d2d2 :|! |:(3ddd d2 (3ddd d2 | efgf edcB | cded cBAG | FGAG FDEF |! (3GGG G2 EGDG | (3GGG G2 EGDG | Fedc BAGF | G2G2G2 :|

X:1 T:The Trumpet Hornpipe [2] T:2nd Setting M:2/4 L:1/16 R:Hornpipe B:O'Neill's Music of Ireland. 1850 Melodies, 1903, p. 294, no. 1587 Z:François-Emmanuel de Wasseige K:G D2|G2GG G2GG|BGBd gdBG|D2DD D2DD|FDFA dcAF| GGG2 GGG2|BGBd gdBG|ABcd efge|d2f2 d2:| |:z2|d2dd d2dd|dBgf edcB|cdec dcBA|GBAF GFED| (DGFG) (EGFG)|(DGFG) (EGFG)|(dGFG) dcBA|G2B2 G2:|]