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User talk pages[edit]

A "User talk page" is a talk page associated with somebody's "User page" This is a place to leave messages for a particular wiki user. This can function as a kind of messaging system. Users receive the following prominent notification when new messages have been left on their talk page: You have new messages (last change) The message will continue to be displayed on all pages until users visit their talk page. Note that the messages are not private, and others can join in the conversation. WikiSysop (talk) 07:46, 6 October 2016 (CDT)

Glân Meddwdod Mwyn[edit]

There are two tunes whose names differ only by case:

Glân Meddwdod Mwyn

Glân meddwdod mwyn

From the transcriptions, I would think these are both referring to the same tune, but the annotations are completely different. Would you care to deal with this?

REEL (Form)[edit]

Andy, instead of using the standard Tune Form to add information/encyclopedic material, would be better to create a simple MEDIAWIKI article, maybe under a specific NAME_SPACE. If you would agree with me you should correct your entry and create Reel or if you prefer I can do it for you. Let me know. WikiSysop (talk) 14:35, 12 April 2017 (CET)

Yes, great idea. I'm not sure what the mechanism is though...could you do it, or tell me how?