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X:1 T:Untitled Waltz T:Lord Wellington's M:3/4 L:1/8 R:Waltz S:John Rook music manuscript collection (Waverton, Cumbria, 1840, p. 190) Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:G G/B>d|c>BA>ed>c|B>D G3B|A>D F3B|c>BA>ed>c| B>D G3B|A>DF>DA>D|G3z||G>B|A>D F3A|B>D G3B| A>DF>DA>D|B>D G3B|c>BA>ed>c|B>D G3B|ADFDAD|G4z2|| Bc|dgec'af|gbgdBG|FAdfac'|bgd>BGB|dgec'af| gbgdBG|FAdfaf|g2 G2||B>G|FAdfac'|bgdBGB| FAdfac'|GBdgbd'|gbec'af|gbgdBG|FGdfaf|g2 G2|| (3def|(3gba (3gfe (3dec|(3BdB (3GBG (3DGB|(3cAc (3FAF (3DFA| BdB G2 def|gba gfe dec|BdB GBG DGB|AcA FAF DFA|G2g2|| GB|AcA FAF DFA|BdB GBG DGB|AcA FAF DFA|BdB G2 def| gba gfe dec|BdB GBG DGB|AcA FAF DEF|G2g2!D.C.!||

LORD WELLINGTON'S (WALTZ). English, Waltz. A Major (Kennedy): G Major (Rook). Standard tuning (fiddle). ABCDE (Rook): AABBCDEE (Kennedy). The waltz was entered as an untitled piece in the large 1840 music manuscript collection of multi-instrumentalist John Rook, of Waverton, near Wigton, Cumbria.

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Printed sources : - Kennedy (Fiddler's Tune-Book: Slip Jigs and Waltzes), 1999; No. 147, p. 37

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