Annotation:Pádraig O'Keeffe's Jig (1)

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X:1 T:Pádraig O'Keeffe's Jig [1] R: Double Jig M:6/8 Z:transcribed by Rob Greenway L:1/8 K:D ~B3 BAF|Adc d2A|~B3 BAF|AFE EFA| ~B3 BAF|Adc d2F|~G3 FGF|EFE D2A:| |:DFA d2e|fed ecA|gfe fdB|AFA B3| Adf ~a3|abf a2f|gfe fed|1 edB AFE:|2 edB AFA||

PÁDRAIG O’KEEFFE’S (JIG) [1]. AKA and see “Cullen Jig (The),” “Cuilinn Ua Chaoimh,” "Humor of Glen," “Humors of Glynn (1),” “Jackson's Hornpipe (1),” “Thomas Leixlip the Proud,” “Sligo Rambler (2) (The).” Irish, Jig (6/8 time). D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB'. See note for "Humors of Glynn" for more.

Additional notes

Recorded sources : - Mulligan LUN 057, Fisherstreet - "Out in the Night" (track 9, tune 3).

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