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X: 1 % T: Willie Blair (Queen Victoria's Fiddler) C: Joseph Lowe R: strathspey Z: 2006 John Chambers <jc:trillian.mit.edu> M: C L: 1/16 K: F B | "F"AF3 F3B ABcA F3A | "Gm"BG3 G3A "C7"B3c df3 | "F"AF3 F3B ABcA F3A | "Gm"Bd3 "C7"c3B "A"AF3 F3 :|c | "F"f3c fgag f4 c3B | "F"A3F dcBA "C7"BG3 G3c | "F"f3c fgag f4 c3f | "Gm"dcBA "C7"G3c "F"AF3 F3 |]c | "F"f3c fgag f4 c3f | "Gm"b3g bagf "C7"eg3 g2fe | "Bb"(3d2B2d2 (3d2e2f2 "F"c3A f3c | "Gm"dcBA "C7"G3c "F"AF3 F3 |]

WILLIE BLAIR (THE QUEEN'S FIDDLER). Scottish, Strathspey (whole time). F Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AAB. The strathspey was composed by fiddler-composer Joseph Lowe, in honor of his friend Willie Blair, known as "The Queen's Fiddler." The two enjoyed making music together, but also were companions in non-musical activities. Lowe records in his journal that on a fishing expedition Blair "got into a farm house with some of the Gillies and got himself quite spoiled...I had to hire a Gig to take him home" (Sept. 23, 1853).

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