Angus Cumming

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The only information obtained regarding this musician is contained (1) in an advertisement,—issued in March 1780—which runs as follows:--“Strathspey Reels.—On Wednesday next the 22nd instant will be published, price Five Shillings—A Collection of Strathspey or Old Highland Reels, with a Bass for the Violincello and Harpsichord by Angus Cumming, Musician at Grantown in Strathspey. The Publisher flatters himself, from the advantage he has enjoyed of being in that country where this species of Scots Music is preserved in the greatest purity, and by cultivating in with the greatest care and assiduity from his earliest years, that this Collection will not be found altogether unworthy of the approbation of the Public.—To be had at the Shop of Mr. Donaldson, bookseller, and at the house of Mr. McDonald, Musician, Castlehill, to either of which places such Subscribers as have not yet received their copies will please to send:” and (2) in the preface to the first edition of his collection, where it is stated that “The Publisher follows the profession of his forefathers; who have been for many generations Musicians in Strathspey;” and he mentions that he had spent several years in forming this collection.