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156th BRIGADE AT THE BATTLE OF ROMANI, THE. Scottish, Pipe March (2/4 time). Composed by Pipe Major Edwin J. MacPherson. The 156th (Scottish Rifles) Brigade was a unit of the British Army formed during the First World War, and disbanded afterwards. They saw service in several battles, including the Battle of Romani [1] in August, 1916, in which the British forces (Scottish, Australian and New Zealand) defended the Suez Canal against a combined German and Ottoman force. The success in arms thwarted the Central powers attempt to disrupt shipping in the Suez.

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Printed sources: Logan's Collection of Highland Bagpipe Music, Book 8; c. 1919; No. 4, p. 3.

Recorded sources: Maggie's Music MMCD222, Bonnie Rideout – "Scottish Fire" (2000).

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