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X:1 T:Adieu Dundee M:6/8 L:1/8 Z:Nigel Gatherer K:Emin E/D/|B,>EE E>FG|F>ED F<AA|B>cB ABd|B>AF E2 E/D/| B,>EE E>FG|F>ED F<AA|B>cB ABd|B>AG/F/ E2:| |:F/E/|D>FA def|FED F<AA|Bee ede|f>ed/^c/ B2c| ded def|F>ED F<AA|B>=cB ABd|B>AF E2:||

ADIEU DUNDEE. AKA – “Adew Dundee.” AKA and see "Bonnie Dundee (2)/Bonney Dundee," “Hearty Boys of Ballymote,” “Laccaroo Boys,” “Mary of Castlecary,” "Saw ye my wee thing," "Laccarue Boys (The)" (Ire.). Scottish, March. E Minor. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. A march tune appearing in the fifth part of the Skene MS (a lute MS), c. 1615‑1620 (appears as "Adew Dundee"), the Appendix of Playford's Dancing Master of 1688, and O'Neill's Dance Music of Ireland. The title comes from a ballad called "Jockey's Escape from Dundee," which ends, "Adieu to bonny Dundee."

Compare also with "Julia's Favorite" and "Skylark (3) (The)."

Additional notes

Printed sources : - Gatherer (Gatherer’s Musical Museum), 1987; p. 22.

Recorded sources : - Flying Fish, Robin Williamson ‑ "Legacy of the Scottish Harpers, vol. 2."

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