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X:1 T:Agnes Gallopp C: N:From the Uniontown First Violin manuscript, Uniontown, Washington, 1892 Z:V.T. Williams M:2/4 K:F "F"~c6a2|~c6a2|z2a2 g2f2|"C7"f4e4|~e6d'2|~e6d'2|z2d'2 c'2b2|"F"^g4a4| ~c6a2|~c6a2|z2a2 g2f2|"C7"f4e4|~e6d'2|~e6d'2|z2d'2 c'2e2|"F"f2f2 f2z2:| |:"Dm"aabb aabb|aabb aabb|aagg ffee|f4d4|"G7"ggaa ggaa| ggaa ggaa|ggff eedd|"C"c4z4|c'4c'4|c'4z4|C4C4|C4z4|z2a2 g2a2| "F"b2z2 a2z2|g2z2 f2z2|"C7"e8|z2a2 g2a2|c'2z2 b2z2|a2z2 g2z2|"F"f8|z2c2 =B2c2| f8|z2A2 G2A2|"C7"G8|z2e2 d2e2|b8|z2e2 d2e2|"F"f2c2 "C"a2g2|"F"f2f2 f2z2:| K:Bb |:"Trio""Bb"(b8|b2)ab c'2b2|"Cm"a8|g4z4|"F7"(a8|a2)g2 f2e2|"Bb"^c4d4|^c4d4| (b8|b2)ab c'2b2|"Cm"a8|g4z4|"F7"a8|a2g2 f2e2|"Eb"b2ab "F7"c'2b2|"Bb"b2b2 b2z2:| K:F "C"c2c2 d2e2|"F"f2g2a4|"C7"b4z2g2|"F"a4z2f2|"C"c2c2 d2e2|"F"f2g2a4|"C7"b4z2g2|"F"f2z2 "F7"_e2z2|d2z2 c2z2|B2z2 A2z2|| K:Bb "Bb"(b8|b2)ab c'2b2|"Cm"a8|g4z4|"F7"(a8|a2)g2 f2e2|"Bb"^c4d4|^c4d4| (b8|b2)ab c'2b2|"Cm"a8|g4z4|"F7"a8|a2g2 f2e2|"Eb"b2ab "F7"c'2b2|"Bb"b2b2 b2z2|]

AGNES GALLOPP. AKA Agnes Galopade. USA (Western/Pacific). Galop (2/4 time). F Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABBCCDC. This tune is from the Uniontown manuscript, used by a quadrille band in Uniontown, Washington in the 1890's. The band was led by violinist William Hamilton Ehlen (1866-1935), former member of the Aurora Colony of Aurora, Oregon, who moved to Uniontown and became a physician there and later in Genesee, Idaho. The tune also appears in the Joseph Sedlak manuscript from Portland, Oregon ca. 1863.

Additional notes
Source for notated version : - Uniontown first violin manuscript. The chords are derived from the corresponding second violin manuscript.

Printed sources : - Williams (The Aurora Violin Manuscripts), 2016.

Recorded sources : - Voyager 383, Vivian Williams et al. - "Tunes from the Aurora Violin Manuscripts" (2019)

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