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X:1 T:All's Well [1] M:2/4 L:1/8 K:G D|G2G2|G3A|B2 {B}A>G|G2 zG|B2B2|B3c|dg ec|(B2 A):| B|A>BA>B|A>B cz/A/|B>AB>A|B>c dz/G/| g2 {f}e>d|d3 z|z4|z2 z/>G/|g2 {f}e>d| d2 zB|dcB{B}A|G2 zG|cccc|BBBB| eeee|dddd|ccBB|AABd|gdcB|B2 Az|z4||

ALL'S WELL [1]. The air is actually a duet piece from a comic opera entitled The English Fleet in 1342, by Thomas Dibdin (music by John Braham), originally produced in 1803 in Dublin and staged in London in 1805. "All's Well" was sung as a duet, and was one of Brham's most famous works. It was published in America in New York publisher John Paff's Gentleman's Amusement, No. 2 (1812), and in Utica (N.Y.) by William Williams in New and Compleat Preceptor for the Fife (1826).

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Printed sources : - Mattson & Walz (Old Fort Snelling), 1974; p. 47. Williams (Complete Preceptor for the Fife), 1826.

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