All You that Must Take a Leap (in the Dark)

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X:1 T:All you that must take a leap M:3/2 L:1/8 K:F F4|F6G2E4|F8 F4|c6d2 c4|C6f2 e4|f4e4d4|c4 B2A2G2F2| G4F4G4|A8F4|F6G2E4|F8 F4|c6d2c4 C6e4|f4e4d4| c4 B2 A2G2F2|G6F2G4|A8c4|c6d2=B2|c8 c2c2|g6a2g4| G8B4|c4B4A4|G4 F2E2D2C2|D4C4D4|E8F4|F6 G2A2F2| B8B2A2|G2A4B4|c8e4|f4e4d4|c4B2A2G2F2|C6D2C4|F4 z4|]

The tune was published by John Gay in his Beggar's Opera (1729) under the title "Would I might be hanged." The original, according to Kidson (1922), refers to a song "upon the execution of two criminals by Mr. Ramondon."

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