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X:1 T:Allister M:C L:1/8 B:John Walsh – The Second Book of the Compleat Country Dancing-Master (3rd edition) B: (London, 1735, No. 2) Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:Gmin G2g2 fdcd|B F2D F2F2|G2g2 fdcd|B G2^F G2G2:| |:F>GB>c d>Bc>d|B F2D F2F2|G>AB>c d>Bc>d|BG2^F G2G2| F>GB>c d>Bc>d|BF2D F2F2|de/f/ gd fdcd|B G2^F G2G2:|]

ALLISTER. AKA - "What D'ye Think of Yorkshire?" English, Country Dance Tune (whole time). G Minor. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. The tune and country dance directions were first published in John Walsh's Second Book of the Compleat Country Dancing-Master, third edition (1735, No. 2), reprinted in 1749. It also was printed by John Johnson in his Choice Collection of 200 Favourite Country Dances, vol. 3 (London, 1744) with the alternate title "What D'ye Think of Yorkshire?" London musician Thomas Hammersley included it in his 1790 music copybook collection.

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Recorded sources: - Fellside Recordings FECD276, Vic Gammon & Friends - "Early Scottish Ragtime" (2016).

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