Annotation:Allons a Lafayette

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ALLONS A LAFAYETTE. The Falcon/Breux 78 of this tune, issued by Columbia in 1928, is accorded to be the first Cajun music recording. Joseph Falcon is largely responsible for much of the popularity of the accordion in Cajun music and was much imitated; previous to him the fiddle-based string band was the dominant idiom. Lafayette was a small southwestern Louisiana town until the oil industry ushered a period of growth. Related songs, according to Raymond Francois (1990), are Aldus Roger's "Lafayette Two-Step" and Dennis McGee's "Jeunes Gens de la Campagne (2)." Francois transcribed the tune from the playing of accordionist Joseph Falcon (La.) [Francois].

Recorded sources: Arhoolie 5027, Harry Choates - "The Fiddle King of Cajun Swing: Original Recordings 1946-1949." Columbia 15275 (78 RPM), 1928, Joseph Falcon and Cleona Breaux (his wife, on gtr.). Old Timey Records OT-108, Joseph Falcon.

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