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X:12 T:Altringham Round A:London, England Q:1/2=110 T:Knutsford Heath, Or M:9/4 L:1/4 S:T.Marsden, Collection of Lancashire HPs, 1705 Z:Village Music Project + Pete Stewart, 2004 <> K:F G2fe/f/gef3|A/B/cAF2BA/B/cA|\ G2fe>dcd3|D>EFG2BA/B/cA|| dcBA/B/cAG>cB|AFFF2BA/B/cA|\ d>cBA/B/cAGAB|DEFGABA/B/cA|| fdfec/d/ef3|cA/B/ c/A/F2BA/B/cA|\ fd/e/fec/d/edef|efggdfe/f/ge|| fd/e/fec/d/efdB|cA/B/ c/A/F2BA/B/cA|\ BfBA/B/cAG/A/BG|D>EFG2BA/B/cA|| d2cB2AG>cB|AFFF2BA/B/cA|d2cB2AG2B|D2GG2BA/B/cA|| cGBAFAG2c/B/|AFFF2BA/B/cA|cGBA>GFG2B|D2GG2BA/B/cA|| gd/e/fec/d/ef3|cA/B/ c/A/F2BA/B/cA|\ gd/e/fec/d/ed3|D>EFG2BA/B/cA|| agfgfefdB|A/B/cAF2BA/B/cA|\ agfgfedef|efggdge/f/ge|| f>afe/f/ged/e/fd|A/B/cAF/G/AFA/B/cA|\ B/c/dBA/B/cAG/A/BG|D>EFG2BA/B/cA|| d_e/d/c/B/cd/c/B/A/G2c/B/|AFFF2BA/B/cA|\ d_e/d/c/B/cd/c/B/A/G2B|D2GG2BA/B/cA|| a>gfe/f/gdf>dB|cA/B/ c/A/F2BA/B/cA|\ f>afe/f/ged/e/fd|D>EFG2BA/B/cA|| ab/a/g/f/ga/g/f/e/f3|cA/B/ c/A/F2BA/B/cA|\ ab/a/g/f/ga/g/f/e/d3|D2GG2BA/B/cA|]

ALTRINGHAM ROUND. AKA - "Altrincham Round." English, "Old" or Triple Hornpipe (3/2 time). F Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). ABCDEFGHIJKL. An "old" or "triple-" hornpipe from Thomas Marsden's A Collection of Original Lancashire Hornpipes, Old and New. Containing Divisions upon each (London, 1705, No. 12). The book was sold out of Henry Playford's shop at the Temple Change, priced at one shilling. Altringham (now Altrincham) is a small town in north Cheshire (Chester), eight miles south-west of Manchester. The alternate title names Cheshire's Knutsford Heath, the site of Knutsford Races, a horse-racing ground for some 200 years. It was thought the races did not begin until the 1720's, however, Sir Thomas Mainwaring wrote in his diary for June 22nd, 1679:

At Knutsford Heath my cousin Mainwaring of Kermincham beat my cousin Marbury and won the plate with his horse.

John Offord (1985) also compares this tune with the Winder family's "Sailor's Delight (2)."

Additional notes

Printed sources : - Offord (John of the Green: Ye Cheshire Way), 1985; p. 66.

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